It find it hilarious to be portrayed as some kind of siren.

To find out more about sirens click Here.

Would that it were true. I guess its better than the lifelong role of a toddler continually throwing tantrums.

I’ve Lost My Mummy/ Daďdy 🙏

7 Tips for Keeping Children Safe While Shopping

This is not reference to any royals btw.

When my children threw tantrums I tried to remember it was not The Crime of The Century. It’s not like they were a leader of the free world or something… Safety first but I used to do something to distract myself, while they wore ! themselves out.

Dancing With Myself-Billy Idol

I did join in with the tantrums of one of mine once?. That was fun but a little taxing.

Vics Kid & Mum Tantrum Commercial

Dropping The Anchor

Source; Walk In My Shoes

Mary’s Prayer

Mary’s Song

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