Learning About The Stock Market

Wall Street Shuffle – 10CC

Ì know We have our home thanks to my ex’s shrewd investments the stock market is of no interest to me. I did try to teach the children a little about it though. I had encouraged  them to show an interest in companies which mattered to them. We made enquiries about investing in Lego but that is a family- owned company. (Or at least it was) I had also bought books on investing and the stock market which they could understand so they could actively participate in where their father was investing their money. I had loved it when they would discuss it together,

The Lego Story

Simply Red

Simply Red played regularly at our college before they had become famous Stars.

Even though the stock market is not important to me, I tried to Do The Right Thing – Simply Red I was encouraged once more by my wonderful neighbour to empower the children, She was adamant their rights over their money be respected. She empowered me to empower them.


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