Britain’s Most Favourite Commercial Ever

Hovis Bread Commercial 1973

Dad would tell us of past hardships and sometimes we would tease him with this ad and he was actually from what is now Dorset. I have visited Shaftsbury where the ad was filmed. Many of Dad’s relatives we met on his mother’s side sounded like this:

This is how the ad had come to be remembered:

Hovis Ad -Two Ronnies

Dvorak New World Symphony

Dvorak Where To Start With His Music

Give us this day our daily Bread, 🍞

My grandma used to eat Nimble (if this doesn’t turn out to be a Nimble commercial it could mean I’ve gone for a roll in the hay.) and so did I.

Make It With You – Bread

One of my favourite presents- Breadmaker from my father in law and his new partner. I had used to love making rolls.

I Guess You’re Just What I Needed/Kneaded(Homophome)


Nobody needs/kneads Mouldy Old Dough.

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French Rolls In The Bread Machine

Source: Hearts Content Farmhouse:

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