Very Disappointed in Some Of The  People I Fought For

A Great Example of promising things that never happened.Frustrating isn’t it? Please see also;

I won’t make that mistake again

“Some people will hurt you and act like you hurt them.”

👋,My ex brother  in law does not even realise that the family were judging him like anything till I stepped in for example.

Of course you will get guilt-tripped for trying to break away but I don’t let that control me any more. Nobody felt guilt when I was fighting for mine and my children’s survival. As I am writing this, I am remembering the times I literally picked myself off the floor. I removed the coffee table after he had pushed me down and I had bashed my head on it. I think I had actually drawn blood.

He had OCD issues with switches. He had to turn the lounge light switch either on or off whenever he came through the door. Don’t get me started on the OCD. He tried to give it to me too. He knew my weak spots, like my memory and would cause me to feel like I needed to check everything 500 times.

I laughed  at another blogger’s stories about living with a narcissist. Particularly when she had described him pulling away in the car as she was about to get in, then having to chase the car down in flip flops. I have done similar things.

If I went through it again, I think I would refuse to go with him in the car a few times. When he was in those sorts of moods howeverI did not trust him alone with the children. More than a few times I had panicked that I might never see the children again. My friend would have to calm me down with a cup of tea.

Better Days – Pete Murray
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