Narcissists & The Keep-Away Game

Ì am being deprived of legitimate income  from my blog…

I want to see the legitimate income for my blog. I am much more practical than I used to be

I know the keep-away game all too well.

Pause For Musical Interlude

How To Make Carrot & Coriander Soup I ❤  carrot & Coriander soup. They also sell it ready-made at Waitrose

My next post will be all about the people who promised things that never happened!!

Mostly all I got was Shattered  Dreams Johnny Hates Jazz. Alternatively  I can allow the court to find damages for me and the children, starting with deprivation of income these past twenty years…

Your international  credibility is priceless…

Who needs an ally that ducks and weaves…

Plenty of people are liable according to my non-qualified brain.

All I am asking for is the legitimate income from my blog…

My Life of the last twenty plus years has been one massive keep-away game. The minute I have shown an interest or got excited about anything that object or thing has somehow disappeared. So I have developed the ability to switch off my wants almost immediately  whether it be object, person or job. I never let myself trust in good things for fear they will disappear!

I have been promised all sorts but I have learned not to trust  offers of good things and mostly I can take it or leave it. The more urgent requests appear to reach out for something  the more likely I am to ignore such offers!

Come and Get It by Badfinger

Patience Is A Virtue

My narcissist would generally never stand still to wait for anything. If we arranged to meet somewhere, somehow he almost always ensured I was left waiting for him.

Waiting comes pretty naturally to me:

I’ve Been waiting for you by Abba.

I’m Tired of Waiting for You The Kinks

Funny story I remember my Dad and I patiently waiting in the car for my Mum one day and him saying to me,

“Don’t ever grow up to be a woman.”

Sorry Dad I guess it’s too late. 😆

Everybody Loves Raymond – Lateness

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