Breakfast At Tiffany’s

What Do I know For Sure?

I definitely  remember a conversation aboutBreakfast At Tiffany’s going down almost word for word going down exactly like the song.

Moon River Karaoke

I have just remembered my parents had the original album Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

He is in this up to his eyeballs. What a beautiful thing to do. Thank you. I had completely forgotten that conversation. It kind of got lost in everything that happened…It is worth more than gold to me. Our first real chat. ❤ I will always have the song to remind me. It is the only thing I really know..

I know God has a sense of humour. I don’t care how unhealthy this is. It was 1985 ish I had walked into the lounge at my new home. He was sitting in the middle of the lounge looking way too pleased with himself. The song is an exact transcript of the conversation.He had appeared really self-satisfied that he had managed to outwit me. I may never know how it was turned into a song by an American band.

“Well then that’s the one thing we’ve got.”

I don’t care whether you believe me or not but I remember that conversation like it were yesterday. It was such a strange comment to make it threw me a little off balance. I mean he was a rugby player. I suppose my own prejudice could not believe he was into soppy musicals. It is a touching memory as I sit here in my old age. (Logic tells me, one side of politics cannot possibly be right all the time.)

Pride and Prejudice Video Summary

Audrey Hepburn’s $150 000 Breakfast At Tiffany’s Dress

Source: The Way We Wore

It was just so thrilling to entertain a right-winger at my door. Go run back to Maggie The lyrics are not intended in any way to relate to Margaret Thatcher, just the right wingnut who was at my door. I try not to betray my sisters. I don’t blame her for giving the guys a handbagging.

It all comes back in the end to the fact that he was my FRIEND. Guys we just don’t realise how precious friendships are sometimes. I think we took each other for granted. When you are young you don’t really believe someone can just disappear from your life forever but they can.

“You may lose them one day. Someone take them away and they don’t hear the words you long to say.”

From Everything I Own by David Gates.

I mentioned a few of my romantic misadventures to my neighbour. She had stated that obviously there just wasn’t enough there. I had accepted that. It kind of gave me peace.

“I would still rather have loved and lost than have never loved at all.”Adaptation of a quote from Alfred Lord Tennyson.

Ludmilla Jordanova on Margaret Thatcher’s Handbag

I would not swap places with a narcissist. Even though this way of life comes with pain. Art of Heartbreak – Hall & Oates

Source:Cambridge University Press- Academic

This article by Vogue on Mrs Thatcher and her handbags sounds interesting:

See Also:

The article mentions The Mulberry.

Source:Emma Anders

I love and trust Emma. I have followed her from before she was married. She sounds like such a character. She seems to make a real effort to be fair, balanced and best of all funny. 😆

This was her very first video:Speedies by Emma Anders

“Curiouser and curiouser.”

Here I go down the rabbit hole again.

So far I have a definite door slam and a song called Breakfast at Tiffany’s (Not much to go on…)  Australians communicate via door slams. So let’s see… One door slam for yes. Two for no.

I also know that the Queen visited Maidenhead as one of her last duties.

Two single door slams. Not sure I can translate that

How about – “Seriously guys,  Get over yourselves!

I hope everyone you have bullied out of the building  comes back to haunt you…

I am sure you would consider that That’s Entertainment

Knock Three Times on The Ceiling Honestly I don’t know how the guy downstairs manages it. If I tried it, I would probably fall through the ceiling or at least put a hole in it.

I Haven”t  Met You Yet If you want to torture me, you will have to do better than wheeling things across the ceiling. I used to live next door to a night club,

I know Morse for SOS…  – – – …

I am still ‘My Mother’s Savage Daughter – Amanda Sarvent

I have no idea what this music is like but I thought it might help me sleep better before I leave…Club Music 2022

At the end of the day

The mere mention of my ex seemed to call a halt to things. So that’s where all investigations should begin & end. I am claiming my life back. I am sure there are better 🕵 out there than me. You know where to start should the need arise.

Detectives always follow the 💰 money.

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