Walking Away

I was so impressed by the way Beauty Beyond Bones expresses her anger and also Pascale’s Healing Journey expresses hers. I am angry too. I have been trying to manage my anger in a positive constructive way. I have and am still trying to use my anger to help people. The fact remains however my life in the past twenty years has been one long struggle, made a whole lot harder by people’s unsupportive and often I am sad to say ignorant, narrow-minded attitudes.

At the moment I am attempting to find a new home away from these people, who have dogged my footsteps at every turn, judging everything about me and gossiping maliciously. I am turning my back on you and the attitudes you stand for. You rallied together like five-year-olds refusing to allow anybody to step outside the mould. You punish anybody who dares to be different. I have tried to meet your viciousness with kindness and compassion but I feel like leaving now and showing you my back as I finally walk away.

Matthew 10:14

I like Oasis but the song Don’t Look Back In Anger makes me feel well… angry. I don’t need more people telling me how I should feel.

“Life don’t talk to me about life.”

Marvin The Paranoid Android. (From Hitchiker’s Guide To The Galaxy by Douglas Adams.

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