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We see tragedy as teachers, Children are just so vulnerable, Children who go to bed and never wake up. Children with illnesses. Children get into accidents, I was always grateful when my youngsters woke up in the morning, One of the most courageous families I knew had a son, who simply never woke up. They are such a lovely family. They donated everything. I believe the lungs may have gone to a child with cystic fibrosis.

We Don’t Move On From Grief, We Move Forward From Laura McInerny –

Ted Talk

I know there are some wounds that time just doesn’t heal and that most people do not get over the loss of a child. To this day I still cry about children in my class and they weren’t even mine. I get so mad when people don’t seem to care about child safety.

I made it my focus and it has made me look daft but so what…

In 2003 we nearly lost our son to pneumonia ww were in hospital together for a week.Fortunately they had a room where I could stay. It was good we lived so near a hospital and also (believe it or not) that he had a febrile convulsion in the waiting room. It meant he had been seen immediately which may well have saved his life. The specialist kept apologising for having given him lumbar punctures but I didn’t care. They saved his life.

One of our neighbours in our first home growing up, had also lost a child. My ex boyfriend had been devastated about a young lad who had been in his class one day but had died of meningitis that night. (We had grieved over three children I think, in the space of one dreadful month.)

This was the reason I was grateful to the specialist for giving our son lumbar punctures. We were up the hospital with him most years. Pneumonia was the scariest. He had shown no sign of being ill till the middle of the night when he had started projectile vomiting.

It had come on so quickly but I am still glad it wasn’t meningitis.

My mum used to say to me,”You never want to have to say ‘if only’. I think this approach has saved lives over the years.

How To Spot Meningitis In Children – This Morning

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