The Door Slam

The good side of being an INFJ is that when I am over somebody, I am really over them. In fact we are known for our metaphorical door slam.Door Slam

Loudly banging Doors to express displeasure is something as Australian as kangaroos. This is how the British handle doors.

Knock Knock Sound Effect -Just Keep Practising Till You Get It!

Matthew 7:7

I did a proper assessment for a university course, which revealed I was an INFJ. So glad I found out. I realised why my parents had struggled with me at times. I loved the cartoon that suggested we should come with an instruction manual. It made me actually feel a bit sorry for my mum in particular. I am a big picture thinker. I suspect many comedians are INFJs too.

I have come to accept we can have a self-destructive side,too. We can probably be quite annoying to those that love us at times.

If I have finally had enough-that is it. I can barely stand to be in the same room as that person. Being around some people makes me feel physically ill. I once had such a strong reaction to a guy I had to leave the room. When I told my ex what I had thought of the guy my ex had actually supported me, even though it meant we had lost money. My mum is the same. She seems to have a lot of faith in my judgement. I make up my mind about people instantly. Mum was surprised I had been taken in by my ex’s friend, who had caused trouble at our wedding. I obviously have blindspots at times particularly when it comes to love.Weird But Wonderful Secrets of INFJs by Transcendent Mind.

For me the above description hit the mark, more than anything else I have come across.

Some people I cannot even bear to look at. I think we are drawn to Narcissists out of some perverse desire to help. I remember looking into his eyes when he was raging. It was terrifying. He just wasn’t there.

Stupid Cupid – Connie Francis

I think INFJs can tend to get stalked too. It was such a relief to discover other INFJs online. I am better at managing who I am these days. I no longer feel guilty about my door slams. I understand that before It got to that point I had let myself be pushed beyond endurance. I watched myself tick,off boxes when it came to my ex. I did try and warn him about the door slam but he just didn’t believe me… it is not voluntary and mostly I cannot reopen the door even if I want too, I write all this to try to help other INFJs,

It’s Too Late- Carole King

One of my ‘friends” tried to make me feel awful about the one time I made a pass at a guy. Door Slam.Especially as he had badmouthed me to everybody. Talk about hypocracy! If ever he feels like apologising my door might be open. I have been held over a barrel by a narcissist, I do not respond well to people who try to unfairly exercise power against me these days.

What Is Bullying?

Source:SEL Sketches


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