Watch “IOTP Preview: Australia’s banks want you MICROCHIPPED!” on YouTube

Australia’s Banks Want You Microchipped

Source: Walk The World

Organisations possibly getting involved in Microchipping that I know about:

Australia PostAustralia Post Sigital ID

Sourcd; Australia Post

Monster Mash

Thriller -Michael Jackson

Thriller From Suddenly 30

At the moment the digital ID looks harmless enough but it has the potential to become much more sinister.

Suncorps-See Australia’s Banks Want You Microchipped

ANZ – In Their Own Words!!

AI Are Humans Obsolete? Source:ANZ Newsroom

I stopped watching this video as it is full of dog whistles obviously designed to appeal to CEOs and shareholders

Living On A Prayer My Best female friend and I have been to see Bon Jovi twice. Living on a Prayer is Kinda our song.

My last bit of writing and/or editing until I get confirmation. I have appreciated the help but now I am sitting things out, until I have been able to do a proper reality check.

All communication via my contact form please. If I do not receive confirmation I will plock all channels currently appearing. Thank you for your co-operation.

Narcissistic Injury. If you cause a narcissistic injury, it means you have bruised Narcissist’s fragile egos and they are likely to attempt revenge. I wear causing injury to Narcissists as a badge of honour.🎖

I am sorry Lord. There is no more I can do to reach them.

Thy will be done!

8 Signs You Have Caused a Narcissistic Injury- Narc Survivor

My jaw still clicks from the last time he hit me, I hate him but I know he can’t help what he is. I hate all of you more for leaving us to struggle and enabling his behaviour and continuing to do so…

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