Isn’t It Ironic?

Ironic- Alannis Morissette

I never have gotten involved with guys with girlfriends. The irony was that whilst I had studiously avoided doing the wrong thing by a particular girl, (My mum had thought I was crazy, as she quite liked him, going on about how I might have brought out a different side of him. It was really unusual for her to offer such strong  opinions on my guy friends. This “friend “had then gone on to do the wrong thing by me by nabbing a guy I liked.

That very evening I had her former boyfriend show up at my door. I had bolted rather than do wrong by her. I guess I am the only one who believes in sisterhood.

I guess it was all on him… We (The guy my friend had nabbed and I) nearly went to see Guns N’ Roses together.

Civil War – Guns ‘n Roses

Caution Axel Rose Rant is full of expletives but to me it sounds raw & real. I get so sick of inspirational


sometimes. Axel Rose Rant.


See also: I don’t know why I have him in 1984. He (Her ex) was there on my wedding day in 1995.