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I Don’t Like People Very Much

As a teacher I like good-old fashioned blackboards. We have a big one in the centre of town. I had got up early to surprise my son and later my daughter by writing a “Happy 21st Birthday” message on it.

21 Today

Dad of the Year


Boy are labels popular these days.  In their jealousy and haste to label they are borderline abusive.  Why not label men a little more and women a little less.

I have finally begun to understand women don’t like me because they are just plain jealous. I actually like men and enjoy their company. I am a secret nerd. (Serena Williams seems very happy in her marriage. Serena Williams,Alexis O’hanian’s Relationship Timeline) My Dad was a nerd. My daughter proudly declares herself to be a nerd. (I used to be told I was a boffin at school.) Big Bang Theory, Nerd Jokes. I can talk about Star Trek, Bionicles etc much more easily than I can make Stupid Girl conversations about the house etc.  I guess I am a bit like Penny in Big Bang in some ways. She really cares about her guy friends and is very protective of them. I suspect I was a bit of a mother hen. I would prefer to see myself as a cool chick 🐥


The Perils of Name/Revenge of the Nerd

“Vengeance is mine.”sayeth the LORD. Deuteronomy 32:35

My daughter tells me the modern term is “dumbarse”. She got banned from a social media site for a week for calling somebody a dumbarse once.

She has coached me how to handle things. (longest week of her life). I tried to teach them to criticise the action not the person. (Mind you I have used the word Bitch rather a lot myself in the last two decades or to be more accurate “know-it-all bitch.” My Dad taught me the grapevine runs both ways.I Heard It Through Tne Grapevine-Marvin Gaye.

I will watch men’s shows. I am interested in what they have to say. I am always striving to learn. I don’t think I know everything already.

Don’t  Put Labels On People

I loved Suddenly 30. I used it to try and teach my daughter to value her male friends. I often wondered if I had ever treated a guy like Jenna did on her 13th birthday and did not want her to repeat my mistakes. I have tried to encourage her to marry her best friend one day…I love Safiyah Ngaard, she and her husband seem like best mates.

Somebody has a huge chip on their shoulders about stolen chips/potato fries. Reminds me of Joey on Friends. “ I don’t share chocolate. My best friend has never stopped complaining about me eating a 200g bar of chocolate and not sharing a single piece. Come between me and chocolate you just might lose a limb.

Charlie’s advice was really eye-opening.  I decided maybe I wasn’t ugly. Charlie Harper’s Dating Advice. Seeing my daughter struggle with similar things has woken me up a bit. I know she is beautiful.

My youngsters were pretty shy too. I taught them both to ask questions as a coping  strategy.  This is how I have always coped with my shyness. Taking an interest in others I find has helped me a lot. I always felt a bit funny when  Antarctica guy came to get me for a meal and I was quietly listening to Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata. It was like I had been caught with no clothes on. 😆

Matt & Jenna Reunion

Source: New Hope Church

It makes me think of one of the guys at secondary school. I always liked him but he never seemed interested that way. I had a massive crush on him. He probably witnessed me wearing the bin bag. He had a terrific sense of humour and lovely kind eyes. He just did not seem to see me like that.  I gave up. I can still see him tipping his chair. (You don’t get to put this one on me. For me at the time, even shy as I was, I gave it my all.) He always tipped his chair and hid in his cubicle. I told you I always liked the shy ones. I prefer Phoebe and Mike on Friends  to Ross and Rachel. I love Mike’s sense of humour.

He handles her eccentricities perfectly… I always identified with Phoebe most. I remember her hassles over trying to return some shoes. I had our finances scrutinised as much as I could by my lawyer, as I did not trust him not to leave booby traps for me. You will not drive me out of this flat. I paid for it with my blood, sweat and tears (literally).

I decided in the end I needed somebody outgoing and my blog tells you just how well that  has worked out for me…

We Didn’t Start The Fire -Billy Joel

I have some difficulties myself,, which I was born with. I confess that I have found  things frustrating at times but these days I understand  that without my difficulties,  I probably would not have my strengths. It scares me to think that I too might have been unkind lacking in empathy as many of the people  in this world.  (,There can be no greater disability. I do know that one of my biggest regrets was the time I let myself be Caught In The Crowd by Kate Miller Heidke but then I was barely five years old. Some people spend a lifetime never learning  that lesson. Yet I never let the bullying I have received over the years turn me into somebody who might behave the same way. I hope I used my own experiences to make me a better person. I grew out of that type of behaviour at five years old.

I use 2 labels:

1: Not an A’hole

2:A’hole- People whose inner beast is allowed to run the show.

I’ll let you guess in which category many

politicians and celebrities sit.

You Can Take Me Anyway You Want Me -Bread

Source: Bread Topic

So there you have it, my big secret. I have been secretly in love with a right winger/ possible Nazi for decades.

Told you I was pretty boring… Don’t tell my youngsters. I am supposed to be horrified by right wingers. It would ruin my street cred…

😆 Like I ever had any.