The Whole of The Moon

This song always reminds me of one of the truest Christians I ever knew. Nonetheless  like me he has a dodgy sense of humour:

Always Look On The Bright Side of Life

He never went anywhere but I always felt he seemed to know so much more than I did. I still do feel that way… He owned fluffy dice. 

The Waterboys -The Whole of The Moon I do know he was the only guy who brought out jealousy in my ex… He got stupendously drunk, when were due to attend an event, where we knew he would be present.

I often think of him, as like my daughter he loved soundtracks. I picked up something was wrong and I got overly emotional. I am very protective of him. As long as he is OK! He has a sensible, mature relationship.  I am too off the wall for him. He bought me a bright red personal alarm for my travels, I always felt safe when I had it in my hand.

Star Trek Next Generation Music

Bart Catches A Three-Eyed Fish

2Timothy 3:2;KJV

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