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Is it just me or does anybody else find this the most hauntingly beautiful Bond theme ever?

Ecclesiastes 5 28-29

Isaiah 54 17

I lived in fear for our lives for twenty years. Terrified for my defenceless youngsters,. To this day they have never realised how close we sailed to being a tragic crime statistic… My son once saved my life by calling out just as he was threatening to break my f-ing neck,as I lay helpless on the floor.Somehow Billy Eĺish reached into my soul and has said the words I could not find for myself…Thank you!

So am I afrad the idea of getting a gun pointed at me… Well I am quite’ used to it…

Someone Saved My Life Tonight – Elton John

When I thought I had encountered somebody with a gun, my sole thought was to wonder about the mess my brains would make, splattered everywhere.

There has always been an intimidating atmosphere where I live… I had just wanted a quiet place for my youngsters and I to relax and finally enjoy life. Instead we found ourselves once more having to walk on egg shells. In particular the guy downstairs had started his cavalcade of notes within hours…

I had fairly quickly decided that I was dealing with yet another Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing…

One thing is for sure, no sooner have I dealt with one bunch of gullible idiots, there have always been more willing to fall for the tales/tails of woe…

I often wonder what happened to the other poor young girl he did this to and whom I believe he may have left pregnant. (I was told she had kept showing up unannounced. I had nearly split with him, when I had first heard about it.) I went against my instincts.

There was not ounce of compassion for her shown by any of them…

Duty of Care

I feel sure there are

Duty of Care Issues here (and in this building), which need to be addressed.

Every Day Is A Winding Road -Erin Brockovitch

No doubt he will have been sniffing around my lawyers or potential lawyers again. If they have succumbed they are enabling stalking…

Either he is proven to be an a’hole or I have proven to my satisfaction that you all are. I always try to set up Win Win situations!

War Room -Elizabeth

Of course I always have to deal with those, who try to guilt trip me for fighting back. Good job I recognise guilt trips for the devil’s handiwork they are. For as long as I have had youngsters, this society has wanted to get them to themselves. I nearly let myself be persuaded to go home once before. My ex’s sister was most insistent we leave them with her too. Shame that they have so little faith in their society that they feel the need to program people. Obviously scratch beneath the surface and you discover they are deeply insecure about something… I suspect it has something to do with being a former prison colony.

Australian Penal Colonies

Murder on The Dance Floor – Sophie Ellis Bexter

Permission To shine Bachelor Girl

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