A  Secret A Day

My  EX  DID NOT SEEM To really  like  his mother .

SHE WAS  RINGING THREATENING SUICIDE ÀLMOST DAILY after her husband left. She got her frìènds/ flying monkeys to  do it too.

She would lean over my baby smoking, practically dropping cigarette ash on him.

The chief thing I disliked was that she had been told about a sexual assault and had done nothing to protect either her children or her grandchildren. I had encouraged the reporting of the assault to the police. Yes I believed it, as he had tried to grope me too. I had also met his adult daughter, who had needed to be Tube fed. He was a horrible man who made me feel very uncomfortable. I had not felt my ex was able to stand up to his mother and protect our children. I just wonder how many lives he ruined. Whilst it was possible it was not only my sister-in-law he got to, I note that my ex had no hang-ups till he switched to the denigrate and discard stage.

Why aren’t y’all out there defending her memory instead of attacking  me. She had her whole life ahead of her?  Doesn’t she matter?

Actual quote recounted to me from the subject of this post:

“Why should I suffer because of something that happened thirty years ago?”

I had stepped in to protect my neice too. I had made her promise she would not stay in the house with him and offered her a bed at our house if necessary. Fortunately it had not happened till she was old enough to defend herself. She had gone to stay with her boyfriend.

Goodness knows what else he has done.  I am sure there must be more people he has hurt…

I am sure you all trust the process…

Still if you don’t, you can always leave. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out…

My ex father-in-law fixed the fan for me, after she had deliberately broken it. The weather was forty plus degrees Celsius for almost two weeks and I was pregnant.  She had refused to toast my pregnancy with us. She was nice enough till she found out I was pregnant?


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