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Taken – The Milly Dowler Story

Source: The BBC

Domestic violence is not a trivial matter. Time and time again serial killers and the like, are found to have a track record of domestic  assault

I was really upset about the murder of Milly Dowler. I could not believe that an abduction  and murder could happen just like that in broad daylight. I even wondered if I had ever crossed paths with him. He had once lived very close to a place I was renting. I had also regularly caught the bus and I believe I used to chat to her killer on a daily basis.(around 1993). Thinking about it I never exactly liked him. I fe,t sorry for him because he was overweight. I had let that pity blind me to my instincts. Interesting that I met my ex when a serial killer had come into my life.

The Milly Dowler Fund

In Memory of Amanda (Milly Dowler)

Thank goodness 🙏 the police caught him. Thank you for your dedication. I didn’t know about violent psychopaths and grooming back then. I had still thought if I were nice, I would get nice back. This is why we all need to learn and teach our children about psychopaths and narcissists.

I still firmly believe psychopaths are born not made. I remember parents trying to handle their wayward son, Kevin. He ultimately becomes a ķiller, who kills seven children at his school.

We Need To Talk About Kevin – Antisocial Personality Disorder.

We Need To Talk About Kevin (BBC)

Kevin has just caused his sister to lose her eye. This was his response. It is also interesting how the father appears to minimise his disturbed behaviour.

I believe I have taught at least one child psychopath. I had known nothing about psychopaths. I had just known he had made me want to watch my back.


My Son Was A Columbine Shooter – Sue Klebold

Source Ted Talk

US Mother Shows Her Child What to Do During A School Shooting and How To Use His Bulletproof backpack 🎒

Being Led Astray By Narcissists & Psychopaths.

Anybody can be led astray by a psychopath or a malignant narcissist, as I believe Hitler was. I have learned through study and therapy since my toxic relationship, how important it is, to hold onto our values no matter our circumstances.

Values – Dr Russ Harris

This can happen to anybody. Those of us who have experienced a narcissistic relationship know this. It is important we all hold onto our values and try to teach our children to hold onto theirs.-especially if those values appear to be male chauvinism, non acceptance of anybody outside the box

Identity & Values For Kids It can be extremely difficult to hold onto your values in a society which demands you adopt theirs.

BTW I have tried not to tell my children what their values should be but this seems a good place to start for Christians:

I am a work in progress. 😳 Unfortunately it is likely to be what we, parents do rather than what we say which has the most influence.

Still I was always adore my own mother for the day she had almost turfed my brother’s entire bed out of the window when he had refused to clear up. I should add that most of the time my mother was pretty calm with we, kids. She had got annoyed with a washing up liquid ad while she was here.A perfect mother, at her perfect sink, surrounded by perfect children contentedly doing the washing up. I always loved Frankie in The Middle.

Frankie Shrinks Sue’s Jeans

Wild Women Do – Natalie Cole You should be warned one of my values is Authenticity.

Runaway Boys – Stray Cats

Love ❤ you Mum.

Source: Dr Russ Harris

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