For Old Times Sake

When Harry Met Sally(1989)

It Had To Be You. I understand you will never let Maggie go. 😃

United We Stand, Divided We Fall -Brotherhood of Man

I guess we all have our issues.I know some great songs which might help

I Do I Do, I Do, I Do I Do- Abba

I’m Not Gonna Write You A Love Song -Sarah Bereilles

Ì have a weird feeling that he might have been The Son of A Preacher Man. (Rebel version) In which case I am sure I can search for few more tales they might enjoy. We never met his parents

Principally he was drunk a lot…Ì don’t know if he had ever obtained his degree. I wasn’t talking to him by that stage. Speaking of stages, he was in full public view. The audience at The Hollies concert had been quite conservative too. They had got more than they bargained for, for the price of their ticket.

Perhaps I am paying too much attention to negative behaviour.

Best Scene in Bridget Jones’ Diary

Helen Fielding on Bridget Jones Diary

Helen wrote Bridget Jones’ Diary.

This is my space!!

The Choice Point -Dr Russ Harris


Ephesians 4 3-8

I love curries these days. Come to think of it, how come he never offered me a bowl? 😆

It’s A Livin’ Thing – ELO


Oh I have been taking lessons from my daughter about how to deal to cope if things don’t work out. Several tubs of ice cream and Rat In The Kitchen on loop should work. 😆

Ministry of Cuts I note that British Rail sounds like it still hadn’t ìmproved in 1983 under somebody so legendary she was still being sung about in 2010.

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