Pride Comes Before A Fall

If a narcissist thinks they can bring you down with their constant humiliations. Just remember that is What A Fool Believes Doobie Brothers. When it comes to political psychopaths and narcissists, look at their track records.

Has anything they have done actually made your life better? For example what is the evidence on Brexit? Are you all rolling around with wealth right now?

Sometimes acting dumb can be fun, especially with narcissists and psychopaths. Just remember for many of them, DUMB ISN’T AN ACT…They give themselves away with their inability to resist crowing. I was listening to The Last Leg talk about The Brexit Party and I think they were actually trying to be positive about it. They had mentioned mentioned the Brexit Party leader and how much charm and charisma he has. As a survivor of narcissistic abuse, words like “charm” and “charisma” make the hairs on the back of my neck stand up!

This Charming Man -The Smiths

ITV has an interesting looking video caĺed Brexit Cost The UK Billions!

Brexit Cost The UK Billions

Brexit Dtinking Game -The Last Leg It is a shame that Adam Hills had to go to the UK to find a show, where a disability is treated as a strength and people can laugh at themselves but then that is pure fantasy


Dylan Alcott is a great positive role model for disabled people in Àustralia,

Dylan Alcott is Australian of The Year

Quote from a young Australian Tennis player:

“You always learn more when you lose.”

Ash Barty

Not sure if she meant lose billions of pounds though 

Proverbs: 16:18

We’re Only Making Plans for Nigel XTC

Of course unless he does something else to annoy me… Like display illuminati symbols on my blog for example.