My Wedding Was Ruined By Toxic People!

This video of th then Lady Diana appears to show her peering anxiously at the wedding guests,  as she walked down the aisle

Princess Diana Walking Down The Aisle

My Wedding Was Ruined By A Schemer

I had To Deal With A Schemer who basically invited herself on our honeymoon. My one regret is that she didn’t actually succeed in stopping the wedding. I think people underestimate  how much being in a toxic relationship for two decades has taught me. She had clearly been punched in the face by an English girl, Apparently she had been coming on to the English girl’s boyfriend.Violence is never OK. I would have given her a loving bear hug. Women can count on my support.

I should have stuck to dad-s original offer for my wedding.

He always told me he would give me,

“Fifty quid and a ladder!!”

I Want Your Love Transvision Vamp

How To Use An Extension ladder safely

Thought I might end up using a fireman’s ladder the other day when we were evacuated.

Mistaken Identity by Delta Goodrem

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