More from Reginald Brown

Reginald Brown was obviously something of a star student. I have just found another one of his essays printed in the Hampton Hill Parish magazine.

In 1921 Reginald who is described as being aged ten, wrote about the British Empire.

Some interesting quotes from Reggie Brown.

It has been the common fate of Empires, when they have reached the summit of their power, to totter and fall..

But the British Empire will never fall as long as her people remain firm and true, so huge are her dominions..

From Canada, Australia and New Zealand, troops came to the mother country’s aid, and we have to thank them for the service they rendered in the last great war. Not one of our colonies would turnaway from England, for their people are allowed to live freely.

The full essay by Reggie Brown is available here


This is a window on the world of 1919 through the eyes of a child.

My attempt to discover more about Reggie Brown, has been ongoing. I worked out his parents and his date of birth.

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