I Remember Being A New Parent Very Well

I Remember Being A New Parent Very Well.

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You need to develop good reflexes if you have a boy- for nappy- change time. The first occasion I had experienced an impromptu face “wash” had come as a bit of a surprise. He had only got me one more time after that.

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Winston Churchill, “I am always ready to learn, although I do not always like being taught,”

Stuck In The Middle With You..

Every New Mum Can Relate To This

( I did actually tip my son out of the pram once, struggling to get it down the stairs at home.) Head over Heels

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Breastfeeding Funny Ad I was made to feel very uncomfortable in the RSL. My son went after every boob, including my mum’s.I was too sick to feed my daughter for very long. I fed her for a couple of weeks but at least she didn’t pee in my face. I breastfed my son for over a year. When I had complained to the doctor that he was the one with all the allergies, the doctor had told me to wonder how bad he might have been without the breastfeeding. My boobs could get very hot and sore. Cabbage leaves in my bra were a lifesaver. The cabbage leaves would actually become hot, so I would get new ones after a while.

Leaky breasts can also be embarrassing. I used a breast pump to get my son used to the bottle and give myself a bit more freedom. I wound up crying in hospital trying to do one of his early nappy changes. He had poop everywhere. Turns out for me anyway, cleaning a boy was more complicated than cleaning a girl. It had taken me so long, I had thought he might freeze to death in the cold hospital. The nurse was kind and helpful. She had calmed me down.

10 Essential Tips To Breastfeed A Newborn

Breastfeeding Master Class Unicef. I had zero problems breastfeeding my son. He had needed no help whatsoever.

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I had felt particularly close to my son during those peaceful night feeds.

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