Hamster Wheels-A New Attitude

I reread this post today and remembered the time I wrote this post and realised that as challenging as this period had been, it was actually a happy memory. A time of depth and closeness. We should not waste our difficult periods, as one day we may miss them.

A new attitude to hamster wheels this morning.

A beautiful video of a human gymnast on a You Tube, which made me think. Perhaps if we must be stuck on a hamster wheel, we can do it with style, performing a graceful dance and eventually make our dismount into our new life, spectacular.

Jenni Hoffman gymnast in hamster wheel

My Hamster Wheel Experiment AIM:To learn whether there is Intelligent life on Earth.

Method:Employ observation skills.

Results: Only minimal signs of intelligent life detected.

Conclusion: Avoid Earthlings. Planet scheduled for demolition anyway!

is There Intelligent Life on Earth

Recent events have indicated that some Earthlings can function without a brain.

Just to show it is never too late A 91 year-old gymnast (attempt at own risk.)

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