Today We Remember A Particularly Courageous World Leader

Queen Elizabeth (1926-1922)

I was watching Churchill yesterday. I found it really interesting. What struck me most was how powerful a few good, moral individuals can be on their own. I watched as Churchill agonised about the D Day landings. Living in a land which suffered greatly as a result of Gallipoli, I realise the terrible price of that campaign and why Churchill was filled with such personal agony.

What struck me most was the deciseveness of others like Eisenhower, who even with the opposition of Churchill according to the film, had stood his ground on the D Day Landings.D-Day Vets Tell Us What D-Day Was Really Like – Vice News

Eisenhower’s D Day Speech

I am so grateful to the good men and women of this world, who have made courageous difficult decisions, often faced with great oppostion. I am reminded of the gun debate in this country. I want to thank John Howard for having had the courage, to don a bullet-proof vest and face a crowd of opposition, for all the people alive today who might not otherwise have been. He also spoke out against the jailing of Pauline Hanson. He stated that ” We do not have political prisoners in this country. ” He has a new book out. I haven’t read it yet but it has a great title and sounds like it might be worth checking out.

A Sense of Balance by John Howard

I do not have to agree with everything a person or a party do to admire individuals who are prepared to make difficult and sometimes dangerous decisions for the benefit of others.

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