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I am reminding everybody of my Panton research.

I Am My Father’s Daughter




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God’s Story – Esau and Jacob

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Comedy sketch below really made me laugh. I think it makes some good points about brother issues:

What If Jesus’ Lil Brother… I am sure both brother’s had their gifts. We need to remember as parents to honour the gifts of all our children, regardless of who we think they might grow up to be.

In the days when it had taken us months to develop our films, my brother had secretly grabbed by camera. Upon developing my film there was a full frame photo of his face. He is part of the reason for my resilience. He and his friends were the reason, I was able to take things like obscene phone calls in my stride.

Many times I reminded myself to/Treat Him.Wsll.He Is Your Brother (By ABBA.I used to have the Greatest Hits Album.

Also the reason why it had not phased me when I had a strange guy saying, ” I want your body.” to me outside my door, in the middle of night at college. I did not like the names my brother called me sometimes but then I guess he was probably getting me back for the times, when I had had the upper hand as big sister.

He would torment my best friend by pulling up to within millimetres of the back bumper of her new car.She would be watching anxiously. I would joke with her that I could fix her up with one of his mates. Well guess what? – she has been married to one of them for 25 plus years…

it was my dad who had properly introduced them to each other.

Nobody should ever know what my brother and I used to get up to on Saturday mornings when both my parents were at work. 😆

I did ‘Bob A Job’ with him & Paper rounds. I think I had to put the paper through the letterbox of the flat with the ferocious dog, a disproportionate number of times. I believe he taught me not to take myself too seriously. said he would send me a letter 🅰️ through the mail. I had subsequently received a giant A in the mail. I am not sure if I ever received B. I don’t think I had ever realised how it had impacted him when I had left for college. Mind you he had left skid marks on the grass outside the hall of residence when he had come for a visit. I trusted my brother’s driving even if it was a little Unorthodox at times. ⚠️ DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME!

I am not sure of the source of this gif.

Investigate the source of this yourself.

I went to see Jean Michel Jarre‘s concert over London with my brother and his mates.

A couple of them had kept disappearing behind a van. They would come back giggling. We had a lot of fun that evening.

I always had fun with them. I seem to remember one of them performing a drunken Punch & Judy Show from inside a clothing bin. This same guy had crashed at our house a lot. He even went on holiday with us. The sad thing was he had been happily trying to buy little presents for his first girlfriend the whole time. She had unceremoniously dumped him upon his return. He had slept over at our house that night.

My Ex

My ex went camping with my brother and his mates. He had come back happy but extremely sunburnt. The downside of having red hair and fair skin.

My ex was held up at gunpoint while he was working in a betting shop. We had known the case was coming up, just as we were headed to Australia. Fortunately it had not affected our holiday in the end. Looking back he probably had PTSD from having had a gun pointed at him. His boss had saved the day because he had talked about how he had been held up three or four times. He had said that he had treated them just like a customer. So my ex had known what to do. His boss had an unusual surname, so I had found him and reconnected him with my ex The first thing my ex had done was run me down to him.

The biggest change in my ex had not been following the hold-up. It had been arriving back in Australia which had caused him to change drastically. He had felt so much pressure to fit in and show he was in charge. Looking back he had always behaved badly but there was a modicum of love and respect there, till we had returned to Australia. One of the first things which had happened was he had been run off the road by an ex girlfriend. I had known all about her already. I was not impressed. Knowing what I know now, I suspect this was no chance encounter.

The issues had always been there but had become much worse once he felt I had nowhere to run. Once you have had a child just forget it. The child is often considered community property. Everybody has an opinion about how you should be running your life. I do not think Aussies have the same ability to laugh at themselves the way Brits do. An Australian I knew had suggested they were like teenagers. I think there is an element of truth in that. It had helped me to think of them that way.

The masks are a vital feature.

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Great Southern Land – Icehouse

The Ten Commandments Song

Nuclear bombs were exploded in the outback to test them. Maralinga, 1957. I had once impressed an Aussie working in an Art gallery in Perth by knowing all about Maralinga. (She had gently chided me for wobbling some plastic on one of the displays. I had misunderstood as it had been labelled a participatory experience.

Maralinga Atomic BombTest Survivors


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The Great Commandment

Thank you for reminding me:I Am The Precious Child of Both My Parents. I lean on their gifts as I need them.

Any red in my hair comes through my mother’s line.


I remember feeling desperate at various times and this is the song which has always got me through:

Shackles -Mary Mary‘s

Source: Giuseppe Carbonara https://youtube.com/user/giuseppecarbonara

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