I have one item of clothing which is 36 years old. My parents had bought it for me, as I was attending a ball on an aircraft carrier. I think the lads I shared a house with, were quite surprised when they had seen me dressed up ready to go to the ball.

Watch “DANCE WITH MY FATHER by Celine Dion – Father’s Day” on YouTube

My black dress has suddenly disappeared.  Fatal to tell narcissists you care about something. It will disappear, with or without my dress, the annoying one will still be more important to me than my ex.

I loved him I really do.

The number of times I would dance hopefully at the disco hoping he would show. Especially when they were playing


Thank You Lord

I think I am much more cool these days.

Long, Cool Woman In A Black Dress -The Hoĺĺlies I  love ❤  you sweetheart. Anything I wear with you will be special!!

We had seen each other at our worst. I remember padding through the kitchen (which was carpeted for some weird reason.) barefoot to go for a shower.  There had been cereal and milk all over the floor. I still have nightmares about it.

They were all like brothers to me and I loved them all.Yes a couple of them did try it on but I was really only ever interested in the annoying one. I understand you lads a bit better now I have one of my own. None of the lads I shared with were ever violent at least I had never seen any of them violent, even when they were drunk. Shocking for me to realise that they were mainly younger than my son is now.

I had danced with my Dad at the ball. He was a very good ballroom dancer. According to Mum he had medals.

I think Dad and I had danced to Moonlight Seranade

My dad could probably dance like this (not me unfortunately.)

He kept telling me off for swaying to the music but I am glad there is a photo of my father and I dancing.  It seems like yesterday.Father & Daughter – Paul Simon

 Carly Simon Singing Moonlight Serenade on the Queen Mary 2. We were aboard The Arc Royal. I don’t think I told any of the lads that was where I was going. My father’s family has a strong naval tradition. Dad had once sailed all around the UK coast on board Illustrious. Dad was proud of his hat from the USS Beaver. I suspect Dad may have died wearing that hat as Mum had just wanted to get rid of it. I found I had a negative reaction to it too, so I am afraid I probably got rid of it.

The US Navy’s Smallest Ship

I was once invited aboard huge the USS Eisenhower, which was so huge it could not even enter the harbour. I had politely declined!

Ballroom Blitz -Sweet

In The Navy – Village Peole

I am still in touch with at least one of  the guys from the house today. My room mate I have mentioned already. I may write more another time.

My friend and I had been travelling in New Zealand when we had visited a brewery. For some weird reason I had decided to go through the visitors book. I was totally flabbergasted to see the name of my former house mate in it. I took that as a sign that I should make an effort to contact him. I am so glad I did, as shortly after I got in touch, he wrote to tell me his fiance had died. I think in some small way God meant me to be there to offer a little comfort. We have even spoken on Skype. He has a beautiful new partner and children now. I am happy for him.

I went to his 21st birthday. It was a very grand affair but I had enjoyed every minute.  He had a twin sister. I seem to remember him making me Earl Grey Tea. We reconnected and he sends Christmas e cards, We had  Zoom call relatively recently.

I never really got to know the other guy in the house. He had just kept to himself, which was fine. I don’t blame him. The rest of us could be pretty nuts

Another of the guys headed off to Rome to become a Catholic priest.  Yes I  managed to turn one man off women completely. I didn’t understand him as he was clearly a hot-blooded male. We wrote to each other for a while. My last memory of a conversation with him, was him wondering whether we would ever see each other again and him quipping I would end up

an  old bag on the shelf

I am an old bag on the shelf now, it is infinitely preferable to dealing with more bull 💩!

When I had said we would probably bump into each other in the supermarket,  of course I always look like this when I am shopping

Chanel 2015 Fall/Winter Ready To Wear

Two years in the room next door and  that was all he managed to say. I think that made him a bit of a womble, I was really into the Wombles at one stage. I used to have Orinoco up on my wall. I told him we would probably bump into each other pushing a shopping trolley around Sainsbury’s, ( It may have been Tesco’s.) He was a history teacher at the local grammar school and was friends with the brother of another housemate. He was slightly older and more sensible than the rest of us. I remember us having a massive water fight in the house. One of the guys. had always organised the bills, i recall having to write my calls in a book. We got a commendation once for being pretty spot on with the phone bill. I will always remember his pyjamas, They were red with white trims, All he needed was a beard and he would have looked like Father Christmas. But I remember him trying to convert me to Earl Grey Tea. (I used to grow bergamot here in Australia.) I preferred Earl Grey Tea to my art teacher flatmate’s Lapsing Souchon.

My best friend and I still call each other old bags but we never made that our last conversation with each other.

I trust her more than just about anybody on this Earth. I think I trust her more than I do myself. If I have hurt her it would break my 💔 I hope she understands that I have been Living on a Prayer now for so long, I feel I understand refugees to some extent.

I often joke that a few years of him living with me was enough to drive him into the priesthood. I will never forget him playing the guitar and singing. That song has  been special to me ever since.

I forgot we had a new house mate after a year. The chief thing I remember about him was he was involved in a Pyramid selling scheme, so our phone was constantly ringing. We had played a bit of a mean trick on him, calling in as customers and then waiting for him down in the pub. I will never forget the look he gave me. It said,

“Es tu Brute?”

I had never expected him to be hurt. I would not have done that for anything. We were all just sick of answering the phone to his customers. It would be so different nowadays with the advent of the mobile phone.

Matthew 7 7-8

They were all like brothers to me. I saw them drunk, with broken hearts, you name it, we went  through it together. Their politics never came into it. I mean I had originally met the annoying one because of his politics, when he had knocked on my door, handing out political pamphlets in my first year at college. Looking back it was hilarious that I had actually vfallen for his stunt, showing up with half a dozen pamphlets in his hand. Somehow he has always managed to avoid my slamming the door on him!

I should have been ready! 😂 😂


What INFJ Door Slam Feels Like (To INFJs and the Receiving End)

Next day he had cycled up to me, as I was walking to college. I think I have called him many things over the years but the word that best sums it all up is annoying. I just realised I can actually hear his sense of humour still. We would catch each other’s eyes and just laugh. I just know his sense of humour. How crazy I can still see him laughing. I can still see him cycling up to me. I still don’t understand how we had wound up sharing a house. Nobody else in the house had known we already had a bit of a history.

I think we both shared a vision. We just had a different way of going about it!

It’s Getting Better – Cass Elliot (1969)

I had a bit of a history with one of the other guys too. I had defended him because a whole bible studies group had verbally attacked him over a silly poster. I believe it had threatened eternal damnation  somebody not attending a party.

Everybody knew I liked the annoying one, except him apparently. He felt like home. We probably did a lot of daft things together I have forgotten about. It wouldn’t surprise me if he had persuaded me to lie in the road with him at least once.  I think he may even have said to me,

“That’s your trouble, You don’t do what you want,”

My friends thought I was daft. I think he had even been at the root of the row I had with my parents at my graduation. Even though I was no longer talking to him by then. I have loved him virtually  my entire  adult life I now realise. I had wanted to stay at college and try to catch up with him but my parents got upset. They drove off and left me locked out the house. My friend’s parents had stayed with me till somebody came home who could let me in! I had used to play So Far Away From me, every college holiday. I had missed him. Gee I had forgotten all this.

Breakfast At Tiffany’s – Deep Blue Something

I Choose You – Sarah Bereilles

I loved 😍  the song one of commenters mentioned  it was the most British song  made by an American band. I totally agree 👍 Source: DeepBlueSomething VEVO

I hope and expect that he no longer has alcohol issues… My ex has already tried to paint me as a drunk. I am not the one who had to be pushed up the street in a wheelbarrow one year. I don’t have access to a wheelbarrow these days.

I recall having had pretty much that exact conversation, with the annoying one, He was the one with whom I had absolutely nothing in common.

Show Me The Way To Go Home

Oh yes. I was set up by somebody who had invited me over for a drink not long after our split. I had not realised the games people play here at that time.

So Far Away From Me -Dire Straits ( always  my favourite Dire Straits song.)

It had backfired on her as she had narrowly escaped being fined.

She was another woman who ñeeded lessons in sisterhood (See Above) but I guess C’est La Vie. No wheelbarrow required!!!

My Daughter Is Much More Sedate Than Her Parents!!

My daughter had danced with one of my favourite young men. I think he might be a bit of a handful these days. To me he will always be the lovely young man, I had in my group for a stay in the city.

I think he was 9 years old. I believe all young men have to try on different hats. ( a phrase from my wise friend  and neighbour) I really hope he finds a hat that suits him, as I could not have been more pleased, when he had wound up dancing with my daughter. I will always have a soft spot for him. I love that he has spirit. He was a perfect gentlemen to my daughter.

I love him like a son, He has a bit of a reputation but like my mother told me, I told my daughter he would have been different with her. He developed a bit of a reputation, I always want to give him a big hug, His Dad told me he had had the FBI or something  similar round looking for him whilst he was still at school. He is always welcome in my home. Please take care, You matter! I love you so much.

His mother had only recently died so I kind took him under my wing. I still think he is fantastic but like all young men working things out for himself and making mistakes along the way. Not every teenager manages to attract the attention of The FBI fortunately! His dad kept a sense of humour about it. I was prepared for my own young man to rebel but not to turn into an eighty year old!

I always admire young people with spirit even if they “can be a real pain in the posterior” sometimes and a thorn in their classmate’s bottom. ((He had caused one of the other students to yelp in assembly and get into trouble. I had tried really hard to tell M. off after assembly when I had witnessed the subsequent punch up but I am afraid I had burst out laughing. I think this particular student of mine in England must have got his sense of humour from his mother. She had filled out a survey stating that her most essential shop was a Chinese Takeaway.

(That reminds me, my brother used to say he had a soft spot for me too, Romney Marsh. He is the reason I am usually good with comebacks. I am grateful for his training. Lol.)

It sounds like the sort of thing he would say but upon reflection, I am not sure it was him.

I hope that my daughter too will be holding on to her special dress for decades to come. It still sits proudly in the wardrobe.

I Could Have Danced All Night. -Audrey Hepburn

Source: Jean Belmondo

“The best thing to hold onto in life, is each other.”

Audrey Hepburn

I played this song a lot over the years before I switched to;

Love The One You’re With-Crosby, Stills & Nash. There had been a party at my new home. I had been pretty miserable and missing him, This song had come up and I had decided there and then to just try to get on with life, I had been literally pining for him till then, Two girls were making out on the sofa. My friend had looked distinctly uncomfortable. We had looked at each other awkwardly as Stuck in The Middle was played. I also remember Mama Told Me Not To Come blasting out at that party. It is a party I will never forget. I think it was the night I spent fully clothed, huddled underla blanket with a guy. I had seen him once more in a bank queue. I had never seen him again after that. He was a really nice guy. He was really cute too! That house was so cold I had used to warm my bed with my hair-dryer. It was the coldest I have ever been my entire life.

I never slept around however. The closest I ever came was a fully clothed one-night stand, who was absolutely gorgeous. I think we only crawled under a bed cover because the house was so darn cold. That was one weird house even by my standards. For example the girl had a nickname of which she was clearly proud, which referred to a part of the female anatomy. Another of them was Armenian. I had never heard of Armenians before then. (I love that Ana Kasperian is Armenian and Cenk is Turkish on the Young Turks.)

KIM KARDASSIAN is also half Armenian. The whole house was overtly political… Mr Annoying visited me there. I really really missed him. I know now that I was totally in love.

I liked him visiting me there. He didn’t know anybody else there so I had known he was visiting me!

One of the guys had been elected for the Council. Again we had been the ones left answering all the phonecalls.

These days I ponder whether my annoying friend has become a nazi. I even changed the way I dressed for him. I have never done that again. I had never done that before. I still remember buying my first sexy black skirt to try to get his attention. It didn’t work.

Suddenly I realise I must have been in love!

Head Over Heels – Gogo’s

I Would Do Anything For Love but I won’t Do That -Meatloaf. (Deal with Nazis)

Back To Breakfast At Tiffany’s

A Winter You Would Never Want to Experience-Dutch Famine 1944 -1945

As I understand Audrey Hepburn suffered ill effects from the Famine throughout her life. Perhaps her Wartime experiences were what led her to become a UN Ambassador.

The Hungry of Holland 1945

Audrey Hepburn was in Holland in WW2 when the nazis ( Yes I know it’s a lower case n.) had invaded. I remember seeing videos on You Tube which describe her working for The Resistance by transporting things on her little bike. She was stopped by the Nazis at one point. I do believe her father had initially been sympathetic to the Nazi cause but that this had changed.(I may need to investigate this further, so use discernment about this information.)

http://Kylie Minogue – The Sullivans (one of her very first acting roles)

Here she plays a young partially Jewish girl who has met British military personnel in hiding in Holland. Later they watch Elena get shot in Greece

Audrey Hepburn Wikipedia Page