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Penny Finally Says I Love You to Leonard

I have never knowingly got involved with a guy who already has a partner. Apart from anything else I have believed that if they were willing to cheat with me, they would be willing to cheat on me.

I have always valued my female friends. They have been hard won.

I also never trust men who say they are a feminist, next thing you know they will be calling you a Strange Little Girl.

I really love the song btw. It is by far my favourite Sad Cafe track.

I have lost count of the times I’ve been told by people that they …never knew a girl like you before.-Edwyn Collins.

Interestingly this guy is also a writer. I think I still have a letter he once wrote telling about a dream he had. He used to write music too. He had once helped me out with a school project. I never knew him to be without a girlfriend unfortunately. I grew to be particularly close to one of his girlfriends. We shared a house together for a while. I am so glad I had always refused to get involved with guys with partners. She had really enriched my life. I still have a photo of the four of us who had shared a house. It was a really happy time. She has sent Christmas cards. I believe she may still be in touch with another musical friend of mine, with whom I had also shared the same house.

The highlight of his life was having Paul Mc Cartney and his wife Linda visit his office. I believe Paul had actually sat on his desk. He probably kept everything in the same spot forever after that. He was great fun. We used to get up to all sorts of fun things. He seemed to suddenly get upset with me. I think he may have musically dissed me but I am hoping it wasn’t me, as I really hadn’t understood what had happened. I have a photo of the two of us working in the garden together. They were happy times. I suppose this means another diss track, so I will get in first. I had a friend who taught me some useful Welsh once. https://mymemory.translated.net/en/Welsh/English/cai-dy-geg I can also count in Welsh

My secret ability is I can also say this:Longest Welsh Place Name

I used to listen to his music online

What Are Eye Floaters another eye issue is tunnel vision.

England Beats Wales

We Don’t Talk Any More Cliff Richarf

The Smurf Song I have never knowingly got involved with my friends’ exes either.

His band had once supported Erasure on tour. Andy Bell on Britain, Brexit, Homophobia & Political Correctness

Unleashing a few thoughts of my own on these matters. Using the term Political Correctness has become a dog whistle these days to anybody on one side of politics. They obviously need a safe space,where they would be immune to challenge. Nobody could say I am not balanced on this post. The people below are definitely blue.

The Smurfs Transform Into Smurf Babies Source: Nickelodeon Cartoon Universe https://youtu.be/GNBmuzXjHaM

The Smurf Song

It also looks like we are in for another Blue Monday -;New Order

I have a feeling this is his song:

Down In The Tube Station at Midnight by the Jam is from him but I would also suggest Nobody Told Me by John Lennon as it features a cameo by Andy Warhol. I seem to remember the first conversation I ever had with him was about Andy Warhol.

https://familytreeourstory.com/2020/09/06/nobody-told-me/ He was always somebody whom I totally trusted, who I thought would never do anything to hurt me. I really don’t need any more cruel people in my life.

Thank You Next -Ariane Grande

Many of my flatmates worked at The Guardian or Grauniad, as they used to refer to it, at the time, as it was once infamous for printing errors apparently, so they would probably be quite at home reading my blog. Everything has changed with the advent of new technology. I have mixed feelings about this, as I think a little imperfection can be charming. I keep getting countless ads to use a computer grammar checking system

If I were selling my work professionally it might be different but I want my blog to remain raw. The only people I have allowed to get directly involved with my blog, are our children. If people recognise themselves and would like to quietly make suggestions to help jog all our memories then I might be open to that idea. đź’ˇ

Golden Years – David Bowie



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