A Mother’s Love ❤

Hungry Like The Wolf by Duran Duran

There is no power like a Mother defending her cubs.

A verse about motherhood from the bible;


It is a job from which I really tried to get fired over the years at times. 😆

My own mother has always been there, so I guess I don’t get to retire. I loved the scene where Debra ìs trying to escape Mother’s Day and goes over to her own mother, who is also trying to escape Mother’s Day. I like Mother’s Day to be acknowledged so that I know I have brought my youngsters up to at least show some respect, I was terrified I would forget Mother’s Days and birthdays while I was away, so I had bought a year’s supply of cards, for which I was mocked, I also made many cards but my ways always seemed to be considered weird, so I gave up. With my mother

I will never forget her trying to chuck my brother’s bed out the window. My children are going to have a much bigger selection of wild moments to choose from.

I loved my Mother’s wild moments the best. My brother’s panicked expression when he had seen everything going out the window has always stayed with me. I hope my mum never loses the fire in her belly. Watching the sheets tumble out of the window was nearly as exciting as parachuting Action Man out the window!

My mum sent me some lovely cards over the years but the only one that really registered was the one where she called me a survivor.

I saved the best for last.

My father used to complain that when he was sitting on the toilet at home, he had my heavy metal in one ear and my brother’s music in the other.(My brother and I had a system going. He would stuff up and I would ring mum up at work to break it to her. (Do you know I think I can still remember that phone number?) We couldn’t hear her from home fortunately, ) I love him as a brother but I have always sided with his ex partners. He used to regularly refer to me as a scarecrow. He did not approve of my fashion choices.

There was a line about her worrying sometimes that I wouldn’t get back up but that I always did.

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