A Mother’s Love ❤

Hungry Like The Wolf by Duran Duran

There is no power like a Mother defending her cubs.

A verse about motherhood from the bible;


It is a job from which I really tried to get fitrd over the years at times. 😆

My own mother has always been there, so I guess I don’t get to retire. I loved the scene where Debra ìs trying to escape Mother’s Day and goes over to her own mother, who is also trying to escape Mother’s Day. I like Mother’s Day to be acknowledged so that I know I have brought my youngsters up to at least show some respect, I was terrified I would forget Mother’s Days and birthdays while I was away, so I had bought a year’s supply of cards, for which I was mocked, I also made many cards but my ways always seemed to be considered weird, so I gave up.

My mum sent me some lovely cards over the years but the only one that really registered was the one where she called me a survivor. There was a line about her worrying sometimes that I wouldn’t get back up but that I always did.

Look What They’ve Done To My Song Ma -:The New Seekers


I Am The Warrior

Family Tree – Caylee Hammack

Never Mess With My Offspring!!

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