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I used to love the book 1984. The prospect of a ” Big Brother Is Watching you.” type scenario, was something I just accepted. My mother was hilarious about this idea. 🀣

We had once experienced this type of behaviour. She had taken it in her stride. She would hear a click on the phone and say,

” Uh Oh we’ve got company again.”

If anybody were brave enough to listen after that point, I reckon they would have come away 😊.

I Am My Mother’s Savage Daughter by Sarah Hester Ross


“Honour thy father and thy mother”

We visited Tito’s Yugoslavia on holiday.

Interview with President Tito

( That is where I had learned to swim. The water went out quite a way before it would get deep.) Mum and Dad got talking to this German guy, who had travelled out into the water a bit and had reckoned he came face to face with a periscope. We had been warned to be careful where we took photographs. In fact I have vague memories of hearing about somebody who had got into trouble.


It seems these types of behaviours happen the world over. As I was aware of this from quite a young age, I had developed an attitude of, “If people have nothing better to do than watch me, then good luck to them.

I’ve Been Watchimg You.-Rogue Traders


Big Brother Is Watching You!

Like my mother I have adopted an attitude of

” Let’s give them someone to talk about.”

Let”s Give Them Something To Talk About – Bonnie Raitt

Mad World- Tears For Fears

Source; TheBonnieRaitt https://youtube.com/c/thebonnieraitt

I have always told our youngsters to take the best aspects of both of their parents. See also:


A Classic

For some reason giphy came up with some really intimidating gifs for the word periscope. There was a girl wielding a baseball bat. Whatever the joke was, I did not get it. I think I will give giphy a miss for 24 hours and try again later.

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