The Closest The World Came To All Out Nuclear War

Cuba -Gibon Brothers

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Fortunately the world had pulled back from the brink of nuclear war on that occasion.

Really interesting conversation with my daughter about revolutions. She pointed out that just about the only revolution which seemed to work was the American Revolution.

I had grumbled about what they did to our tea.

What Was The Tea ACT of 1773?

Source: History

Do Revolutions Really Help The People?

I don’t know the answer. I would really appreciate input about this. Here is how the British viewed revolutionaries in the early eighties. Citizen Smith Opening Theme Tune

Render Unto Caesar

Mark 12:17

I also remember what Jesus had to say on the subject of government: Mark 12:17 Unfortunately however the bible also warns us about taking the mark of the beast and how this will be imposed by a future world leader. What do we do then?

Cuba 1947 Source: Travel Film Archive

The Cuban Missile Crisis (1962)

Batiste Revolt in Cuba (1952)

World On TheBrink

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The Cuban Missile Crisis Animated Feature

JFK Phone Call with Eisenhower During Cuban Missile Crisis

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Remembering The Dark Days of The Cuban Missile Crisis

Source:Smithsonian Magazine

Cuba in 1963 following the missile crisis:

Cuba Following The Missile Crisis (1963)

Sadly this was Cuba ๐Ÿ‡จ๐Ÿ‡บ seven months ago:

Cuba’s Shelves Are Empty , Citizens Are Organising

Source: Vice News

Herein Lies The Issue:

Governing People – Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy

Source: Electromaniacal

If I were to guess, I would say teamwork is the way forward. Here in Australia, one of our periods of most effective government, in my opinion was when both sides were compelled to work TOGETHER.


Guard against the formation of a one world government, such as the one described in the book of Revellations. Perhaps we should just all ask The Simpson’s.

Simpson’s Predictions for 2021

Simpson’s Predictions for 2025

I note that they mention music being used for mind control, so please use discernment when listening to music too. If you feel yourself becoming somebody you don’t like, think about what you are listening to.

By the way ABBA is Hebrew for father. Although I notice one of the Bs is often back to front.

Name of The Game -ABBA

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Oh yes and if anything or anyone asks you,

“…to leave your morals at the door”

๐Ÿšช That is not a good sign. “Thanks but no thanks.”
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