Sleeping With The Enemy 2022 Onwards & Upwards Version

Sleeping With The Enemy – Cupboard Scene

I actually used to be made to feel I had to do this. I eventually realized that whatever I did would never be enough, so I gave up. Of course I bore the consequences but ultimately he had to retreat a little. In the early days before I had started to fight back, when his car appeared:

We Stood Still -Ultravox My parents used to joke when they were with us,

“Stand by your beds!”


In support of all victims of narcissistic abuse everywhere.

Invisible -Alison Moyet


I can honestly say I have absolutely no regrets that our relationship is over.

I’m Outta Love -Anastacia

Since You’ve Been Gone Kelly Clarkson

No regrets – Walker Brothers

These are my songs for whenever I have cause to think of our relationship now

So Long ‘Abba.

Best lines:

“I wouldn’t keep a thing from you. I gave them all away.”

For a while following the end of my marriage, I was very nervous of men. I found myself in a situation recently where I was unexpectedly left alone with a man I did not know. I had felt very uncomfortable.

We had our very own Mary Poppins who probably saved our lives. She had stood up to him a few times but she was very clever about it.

I loved my next-door neighbours so much, I was glad we found a nice guy to sell our house to. I heard he had even helped our old neighbour fix his roof. He had been apprehensive at first when I had told him about our buyer but I had reassured him.

We had been neighbours for a very long time.Our lives would have been so different without them. They had given us a safe place to bolt.I do not think the men had realised just how scary the situation had been. They did not seem to realise I lived in fear for our lives. My friend did. She scared me when she had said one more year and I could have been dead…

we all need nupport handling domestic abusers.

I’ll Stand By You. -Pretenders

There Are No Innocent Bystanders- NSW Police

AVO Compliance – NSW Police

The courts need to catch up and not award custody of chilď proven abusers.

Who’s Sorry Now? – Connie Francis

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