Songs About Stalking

Hammer Horror by Kate Bush

I will update this list as I discover more.

I Got You by Split Enz

One Way or Another ‘ Blondie I used to own this album. This was always a favourite of mine. I hadn’t realised the song was about stalking in my innocent teenage years.

My Sharona – The Knack A bit worrying that I used to dance to this with at least two future policemen.

I am being stalked by some guy from New Zealand with a company that makes neon signs, with whom I apparently must have once danced the Time Warp. He had announced his arrival in town with a creepy sign saying “Donut judge me.”

I really hope it is not the guy who showed up ar my wedding as I used to like him. I will state his name publicly and risk the consequences if this does not stop. I don’t care if you do have money. I was obviously right you are a Womaniser Britney Spears. I was bossed around by a man for twenty years. Don’t even think about it! In fact thanks for reminding me to buy coffee!!

Ìf Ì turn into a stalker then you can judge me. In the meantime I am going to continue to enjoy my chocolate too.

Perhaps ìf my teeth fall out you will all bugger off and MYOB.

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