Narcissistic Abuse In A Nutshell



While I ‘m on my back, I have learned to rest and enjoy the view.

Don’t Rain On My Parade – Barbara Streisand

The Sympathetic & Parasympathetic Nervous System by Dr Russ Harris

With thanks to Richard Grannan for first putting this particular aspect of narcissistic abuse on my radar. (Charlie Brown kicking football.)

Narcissists systematically find your weak spots and continually prod them, until they push you to an emotional outburst. They then casually point out how crazy you are to people. I fell for it every time. Mind you I was also afraid for our safety.

There was a guy and his wife over the back fence who had appeared to join in with the abuse. They continually made snide remarks which had been aimed directly at me. They had done it just one last time, before Ì had moved. Whereupon I had finally let out years of frustration. I believe I said something like, just because his wife was prepared to “put up and shut up” it did not mean the rest of us were among plenty of other things. I had felt so much better afterwards.

This is something that is not out there much. Narcissists often love to what I call Tag Team.

Ì used to watch wrestling with my grandmother. Mum will tell me that at three years old I had once joined in with my nan yelling a few unpleasantaries at the wrestlers on the TV.


Proverbs 24:16

When life gives you lemons 🍋 make lemonade.

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As Usual the younger generation leads the way. 😃 Selling Lemonade

Source: Notorious Uber Driver

How To Calm A Chameleon


Narcissists are chameleons, able to change colour with their moods. To keep them calm you just have to be prepared to do exactly what they say, tell them how wonderful they are every five minutes, never argue with them and accept your name is going to be mud with everybody they speak to. (This idea came to me from a video by the original expert on the subject of narcissism.)I am grateful to him for teaching us all about this.

Dr Robin Smith on Dangerous Narcissists

From Oprah Winfrey Network; Narcissists are not funny. We all thought I’d Amin was funny at one stage.To take a tour of his home and torture chambers click Here

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My expectations of any future partners (and people in general are now much higher:

All or Nothing – Small Faces

Any Man of Mine – Shania Twain

Karma Chameleon ( I believe in the law of Reaping & Sowing rather than Karma.) Boy George

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Galatians 6:7

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