Driving Lessons

My driving lessons went like this (possibly slightly worse.)

Bob Newheart -The Driving Instructor

Jesus Take The Wheel-Carrie Underwood

Source: Carrie Underwood


The only way I would ever be able to drive.

This is why I don’t drive!! I think some of my driving instructors are still in counselling!

Quote (as workman with traffic cones took cover,)

“He should have known you were going to do that shouldn’t he?”


These cones are much more enjoyable.

Just One Corbett’s Ad

They should use me to test driving instructors!


Route 66 – Been on it many times Fortunately I was not driving

It would take a very brave person to let me drive their car.

I have had lessons in an automatic car. I was only slightly better. We paid for my son to have some rxtra lessons in an automatic car, The guy had totally belittled him, it put him off driving for years!

He has just passed his driving test

Please see above .

Rolling Stones



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