Well I spoke too soon. Right after he had organised another date with me, I was ghosted.There was no sign. I just stopped hearing from him. I was happily taking things slowly, letting him take the lead. He pushed for another date then quite suddenly I stopped hearing from him.

“When shall we three meet again. In thunder, lightning or in rain.”Macbeth

Ghosting is painful. Yes it must be about my ego rather than him but it has devastated me that I wasn’t even worth dumping. Ghosting is so cowardly. Come to think of it, I don’t know I have ever been with a guy, who did break up respectfully. Right now this scumbag has even managed to make my ex husband look good. He was pushing at one stage to see my blog. So glad I didn’t share it with him. He said all the right things. I was a little uneasy that he said he had been unwilling to take his ex wife back because of the cost of his divorce. I probably should have seen that as a red flag. Call me romantic but I would never let financial matters stand in the way of being with the love of my life.

The ghosting came out of nowhere. It had me running around in circles wondering what I had done. I cannot believe I have been fooled again. Not sure if he is toxic but he certainly did a bit of future -faking.

Love Shack -B52s Yet another subtle reference to reference dropping of the nuclear bomb in the group’s name this time,

I had actually forgotten I had been ghosted at least once in the past. He had been my most cool, best looking boyfriend. He was also a great dancer.

He’s The Greatest Dancer.”

We had gone to see Days of Thunder together:

Days of Thunder – Show me Heaven Theme

He had gone all weird on me quite suddenly!

I suspect my dad may have stepped in as he probably thought there were drugs involved, as the guy had crashed on our sofa. Nobody could rouse him. Dad had driven him home and I suspect scared the living daylights out of him. It is the only time I believe my father had ever interfered. I wish Dad had told me what he had done and why because I didn’t understand where I had gone wrong, to scare him off like that. I would have trusted my Dad’s judgement. It would have left me feeling cared about rather than silently dumped.

❤ you Dad.

I have also witnessed the effect ghosting by friends and boyfriends has had on our own youngsters. My daughter had a guy who had eventually apologised for ghosting her. I had thought a lot of that. Fortunately it had only taken her two tubs of ice cream for her to recover.


I have a chequered history with Scottish guys.

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It is all finally starting to make sense. He must have been so shocked when my ex had shown up with me. We had used to chat all the time and I was oblivious! I do seem to have a convenient memory wipe button when it comes to people who hurt me!

Hurt my children and I can start to doubt your very existence!

I did warn my ex we were never going to be friends. I know myself well enough to understand that. He had known he planned to dump me right from the start and had tried to set up an excuse right from the start, telling me a cock-and-bull story about a middle-aged-guy who forgot he had a wife and children. Even shedding a few of his speciality tears.

He is a consumate actor.

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