Indigenous Voices

I felt honoured when I had discovered Kathy Freeman’s ancestor and mine had both hailed from the same tiny Dorset town.

Cathy Freeman is an all time Australian hero. I adore her. In fact there are many great indigenous Australians. I loved Yvonne Goolagong from the moment I had first seen her at Wimbledon.

Treaty – Yothu Yindi

Ernie Dingo in Crocodile Dundee

Adam Goodes

You’re The Voice – John Farnham


The ABC does some great stuff. They really brightened my days through lockdown. Patricia and Matt dancing really made me smile, Thank you guys.

I do stand by my experiences of 1992 however!, especially my friend having a cigarette stubbed out on her leg.http://


You’ll Never Walk Alone

Source: Gerry & The Pacemakers

See also: ( To help indigenous people with the difficult road ahead)

I see the usual suspects are against The Voice to Parliament.

Working With Psychopaths

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