Coping With Distress

Poetry By Dead Men-Sarah Bereilles

If by Rudyard Kipling Don’t get me wrong Rudyard Kipling has produced some great stuff but from my perspective, this poem is potentially damaging. This poem reeks of British stiff upper lip.

An American Wartime View of The British Stiff Upper Lip

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I would ask my son if he were a man or a mouse. He would say a mouse and 😃 I was so proud of him for not being able to be kowtowed by that kind of rubbish.

The Three Happiness Myths

I saw my father cry twice. I love him for it, especially, as he was concerned I was going to lose my leg on one of the occasions. He was always a big softy when it came to sad things on the TV. It was one of the beautiful things about him.

I know when I am teaching young lads, they are at least as likely to get upset over things as young girls. My uncle who was in a Japanese POW camp and who worked on the Burma Railway, was always pretty stoic whenever I saw him. I think everybody copes in their own way. I do remember laughing at Joy from Hot in Cleveland. Something bad had happened and the Americans had all booked appointments with their therapist.

Joy had gone to talk to her mother on the phone and she came back saying something like,

“We’re (her and her mother) going to deal with things in the British way and get drunk.”

My preference is to do a bit of both.

With or Without You by U2

I picked a female gif but it could just as easily been male.

Source:Dr Russ Harris

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