Girl Not Interrupted

It was big news here in Australia when Caroline Kennedy called out a male reporter for interrupting a woman. However Caroline Kennedy is not the first American woman to comment on the practice of interrupting here in Australia.

One famous female American guest on Q& A had politely made the observation that she had found the practice here of interrupting hard to get used to. I cannot remember who it was but it had been life-changing for me, realising it wasn’t just my imagination.

Source:The Independent

The scary thing is I find myself doing it now, because I am in such a hurry to get my words out before somebody takes over the conversation.

My daughter is quite stoic, yet one day she had dissolved into tears because we had unthinkingly talked over her. Don’t Speak by No Doubt.

Being constantly interrupted is soul-destroying. It is, (as I have learned since discovering narcissistic abuse,) actually abusive.

Strong Men Let Other People Speak

Source; Elliot Hulse