A Case of Mistaken Identity

I decided to check out the lawyer investigating the latest political scandal here in Australia and was confronted with naked boobs. Unfortunately the lawyer seems to share her name with a topless model.

Still I will try to keep abreast of developments.  ๐Ÿ˜†

โš ๏ธ (May not be suitable for young children.)

She once gave a talk at the University of NSW but I stopped listening due to some incomprehensible quip about Nutella in the first few minutes.  I am sure she is a great lawyer but in this day and age, we should be able to quickly understand the backgrounds of our public figures. It might be a good idea to check that googling their name will not present us with copious pictures of naked boobs. Perhaps give out her middle name, so that we do not end up getting totally the wrong idea.

Insight into female jealousy towards each other:

Unfortunately many guys are too easily led (especially when they are young and immature, Not to say guys of any age cannot be led astray by

This can lead to them experiencing all kinds of problems.Parliament’s 5 Biggest Sex Scandals

I read and loved ‘The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole.’ Hilarious! ๐Ÿ˜‚ Looking back now it gives insight into male thinking. At the beginning of the series he is just entering puberty (13 3/4) and continues into his twenties.The author, Sue Townsend had two young sons herself.

I am sure poor old Barnaby Joyce is not the only Australian politician who has been in involved in a little Hanky Panky. (Not my thing having endured beatings for real, but then each to his own. This is  also not meant to suggest anything kinky was going on, as a Brit ‘Hanky Panky’ just means an affair as far as I am concerned.)

A chance would be a fine thing… Have you even read my blog? I mean I once tried to breastfeed a pillow. I do not recall my ex getting up to the children even once as babies, except when I dreamed he had handed me my son and I learned that do not suckle but as the children grew older pillows were useful for other things



If I were ever to become a public figure, I would not want people to google my name and come across a whole heap of nudity.

Mistaken Identity – Delta Goodrem

I have been mean girl’s my entire life but the last two decades or so have been particularly awful. I was sitting somewhere and dreaded the women closing the partitions because I knew once they did I would hear them start to run me down. Being an INFJ I can see it coming. I pick up on people’s non-verbal cues.

Domestic violence is a huge issue here. Why aren’t we supporting each other more?I always saw it as a man kicks his partner, the partner kicks their children & acquaintances. The acquaintances kick their children etc… and so it goes on eventually ending up back where it started. The kicking is not necessarily literal.

Confessions of a Former Mean Girl

Good job I can do The Monster Mash-Groovie Goolies

(Please note that super empaths are also capable of dimming their empathic traits when pushed too far. Did you really think God would let evil have it all it’s own way? Unfortunately to cope with the world, I think they sometimes develop issues with alcohol.

Why Is A True INFJ So Dangerous?

Twenty Song Gif is from giphy.com

Source: Delta Goodrem https://youtube.com/c/deltagoodrem

H.G.Tudor https://youtube.com/c/KnowingtheNarcissist

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