The Colour Purple

The Colour Purple- Trailer Source; Warner Bros

Alice Walker Talks About The Colour Purple

This is one film which has always been on my must watch list but I have yet to view it . Maybe one day…I do have a bit of a thing about the colour purple, although one bad experience  nearly turned me off the colour completely.

Colour Theory Basics

Source: Simple Art Tips

My  wonderful artist friend introduced me to colour theory. I learned that yellow and purple are complementary colours, on opposite ends of the colour spectrum, mix them together and you get a  muddy colour. The same thing happens with red and green, blue and orange. I had a real thing about both purple and yellow for a while.  Yellow is a very special colour but mix it with purple and personally all it reminds me of is mud. Source: DIY 16 Million Colors

My artistic friend used to know Lady Sarah Chatto from Art school. Common People by Pulp. I might know a royal myself. In fact I hope to dine at his place in the not-too-distant future. I might even be able to have a glass of wine.

Message In A Bottle – The Police

Source: The Police

I really miss my artistic friends. Mostly they struggled to make a living.

Art For Art Sake 10CC.

My daughter and I are planninģ a trip to a Picasso exhibition?

Where Did Picasso’s Genius Come From? – National  Geographic

On a side note Australian houses all tend to have cream walls.  When we first arrived here over twenty years ago  we had both bemoaned the fact that everything was mission brown. We had caused a commotion by painting our walls pink and our mailbox bright red. I kid you not. People kept giving us shocked😲 looks. We had entertained ourselves for a while,  watching the reactions to our mailbox through the window. I have been to a few houses over the years, including houses I visited while looking for my current home with real estate agents and the colour schemes are nearly all neutral.

I just learned of another group of real estate agents I won’t be using again. What a shame,,

John 9:14

“It was a Sabbath when Jesus made the mud and opened his eyes.”

Yellow and purple might usually great colours on their own but mix them together and the result is MUD

This reminds me of a great saying I learned while investigating toxic abuse.

Never Wrestle With Pigs

George Bernard Shaw

Source: Forgotten Ireland

“Never wrestle in the mud with pigs, You’ll get dirty and besides the pigs like it.”

Maybe it is finally time to heed this wise advice. 👋

Mud  Mud Glorious Mud – Flanders & Swan

Source: KingoFClapham

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