Some Family Trees Might Appear More Like Weeds At First

It is easy to become disheartened when your awesome discoveries are met with disbelief or worse still derision.

In one instance at least my research was met with hostility.

Your family tree may appear to be like this cactus 🌵 plant initially but persevere if your family tree seems to be a prickly plant.

“You may be given a cactus but you don’t have to sit on it.”Joyce Meyer.

Work In Progress.

Yes I will admit it. I WAS HURT. However should not have taken things so personally.

I felt mocked. Basically I was made to feel that I was fortunate to have so much time to waste on nonsense. Within a few years however my research had been entusiastically continued.

Of course you are unlikely to receive any credit but if you are like me, you simply consider you have done your job and planted a little more of the family tree somewhere.

My grandparents both came from London. My grandmother had even spoken of Zeppelin raids during WW1. Source: History UK.

I think it is likely that your work will go unacknowledged until the next family genealogist comes along which may take a generation or two.

However maybe in 100 years or so you will be regarded as the founder of your famiy tree.

In my family I apparently had a great uncle who was considered to have delusions of grandeur regarding the family. He apparantly believed the family were the rightful owners of some Abbey.

Increasingly I have begun to understand that the family may have been associated with the Tudor court. So many of them are remembered in the church of the tudor court.

To my mind somebody probably fell foul of Henry VIII. No real evidence. Just as they say- a hunch.

Weirdly my son had had a terse exchange with a mock Henry VIII character when we visited Hampton Court which further re-enforced my beliefs,

There is some terrible skeleton in that particular closet I am sure. I was amazed to find so many of my family buried in the church of the royal Tudor court. Personally I cannot imagine anything worse than turning out to have Royal blood. I hate being in charge of things. It never struck me that any rulers were particularly happy. I would rather potter around in the garden. I notice that several of my forebears had chosen to become gardeners.

Mary, Mary Quite Contrary

My daughter had read a book about the Plantagenets. They had fascinated her for a while.

I would imagine royal history is littered with families like ours, royal connections that lead nowhere T

. Bosdicea has always captured my imagination. The Queen who stood up to The Romans, As I have said before, we are a feisty bunch of women in ,my family,

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