A Favourite Saying of My Father

If he were ever teased about his hair loss, my father would say,

“Grass doesn’t grow on a busy street.”

I remembered his blue-black hair. When I had googled blue-black, it had suggested Romany. This would have made perfect sense as he had many generations of ancestry in the New Forest. I have no problem with any Romany ancestry I might be found to have.  I used to have an embroidered gypsy skirt. My dad would always joke about my wandering. I try to embrace all parts of my personality.


Gypsy Song from Bizet’s Carmen

Carmen -Short animated film explains the opera show

Did Carmen Kill Georges Bizet?

My mum loved this book and gave it to me. I bought her a video of the story. Children of The New Forest.

The Bull Fights Back {Magical Music Box}


I had a friend very distressed once because her partner was losing his hair during cancer treatment. Some people never have hair. In Australia we had ” Be Brave and Shave.” This is a great initiative in support of cancer sufferers. Source: Harch Macleay

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