A Favourite Saying of My Father

If he were ever teased about his hair loss, my father would say,

“Grass doesn’t grow on a busy street.”

I remembered his blue-black hair. When I had googled blue-black, it had suggested Romany. This would have made perfect sense as he had many generations of ancestry in the New Forest. I have no problem with any Romany ancestry I might be found to have.  I used to have an embroidered gypsy skirt. My dad would always joke about my wandering. I try to embrace all parts of my personality.


Gypsy Song from Bizet’s Carmen

The day this girl came up to me in the supermarket… and turned out to be..from Carmen.

Carmen -Short animated film explains the opera show

Did Carmen Kill Georges Bizet?

My mum loved this book and gave it to me. I bought her a video of the story. Children of The New Forest.

The Bull Fights Back {Magical Music Box}


I had a friend very distressed once because her partner was losing his hair during cancer treatment. Some people never have hair. In Australia we had ” Be Brave and Shave.” This is a great initiative in support of cancer sufferers. Source: Harch Macleay