Where Were You In 1969?

Summer of ’69 – Bryan Adams

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1969 was just before we moved to our bigger house. As usual my best friend had been male. I have a picture of us pushing each other on a little trolley.

There was a very freckly guy who lived across the street. I was always concerned as his father was very ill with Multiple Schlerosis.. Rachel Green on Friends made a comment which has helped me at times. She had overheard a girl being nasty about her in a female changing room. The girl concerned had realised and was embarrassed, whereupon Rachel had cheerfully said

“That’s ok. Girls don’t tend to like me.*

I had always felt much the same way. Some of us just gravitate naturally to male company.

So yes my earliest friends were generally male. I actually like men and enjoy chatting to them. I have actually cried about the fact it seems almost impossible to have male friends here in Australia. I generally get a lot of grief from women.

My daughter used to be much the same way and the girls used to give her grief for it too. She was once told “Girls don’t play football.”

This had infuriated me. My beautiful female students used to play football all.the time. (I can’t kick a ball without falling over.) So yes the friends I remember from 1969 were generally male. Just dying to see if I get the “Are You gay?” test come up on Google? It could be random but I just feel that their algorithm has decided I like listening to female singers and therefore need to check whether I am gay

Classic stereotyping. No wonder the issue of gender has become so complicated.

. (Don’t even think about using the word himophobia. I was going to gay bars before most of you were born.)

The only encounter with other girls,, I think I remember from 1969, is them not allowing me to play in The Wendy House. I had got the slipper for causing a problem.

My best friend in the whole world is actually female these days. She had grown up with two brothers so she was also more than comfortable with male company. Some of us may complain about some male attitudes but we do actually LIKE them.

I generally despise manipulative female behaviour. I had a conversation with my lovely Aussie friend about it. I think women might get a better deal if they would just cut the

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My personal view is that women resort to manipulation out of fear and resentment.

Armour-Sarah Bereilles

Why Can’t We Be Friends?S

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