Why Women Feel Ripped Off

The creative accounting when you deal with a toxic person has to be seen to be believed.

I had to deal with somebody who made at least three attempts  to trick me into signing a  document. I will never forget the 2nd  and 3rd attempts because he had sat outside the house waiting for me to sign with the car engine running, until I had mentioned calling the police to our youngsters. It was as if he had heard  me because he had then driven off almost immediately.

Why is it that music seems to only refer to women as being dangerous when it is women who are dying every day? 

It was a scary time. I do not think even my lawyer understood the danger we were in. It is really hard for most sensible people to comprehend…

It goes on and on…

Off the top of my head there is Evil Woman, Devil Woman, She’s A Little Bit Dangerous, She Drives Me Crazy.We need music to reflect reality a bit more. The one song I have found which slightly breaks the mould to me, still implies that the woman is insane.

I was curious so I googled “he is” to see what suggestions came up. At first glance the closest to the songs above from a female perspective is, It’s A Heartache – Bonnie Tyler. Upside Down -;Diana Ross (She makes a point of singing that she is speaking respectfully. ) It is still a love song she just complains about his infidelity.

Sarah Bereilles has a beautiful song called Poetry By Dead Men. It is still a love song.

Source: Sarah Bereilles https://youtube.com/user/sarabareilles

Women’s Issues

Down Under ( I am not linking to it till I find a song with the lyrics as I remember them.) refers to men chundering but that is about as strong as it gets. I used to have the album Business As Usual which I bought in the USA in 1982. Pretty sure it refers to men chundering.🤮not plundering. If you have an original album from that period, it might be worth checking it out. I remember it well because I had never heard the word chunder before and somebody had explained this Australian term. Perhaps referring to men chundering is now considered politically incorrect.


Women’s Issues

I am sick and tired of jokes about incontinence.  This is not a laughing matter for many women. It is a result of our bodies creating beautiful, little human beings and then being unable to get the care and support we need afterwards.  I got told off, even though I did exactly as I was told.   I didn’t have the chance to go to the appointments I had which were supposed to help, because my poor son had whooping cough and somebody had to take care of him. We are not just Baby Machines.

Lack of adequate postnatal care leads to all manner of problems for women both physical and mental. I suspect many issues women experience would go away, if postnatal care were considered as important as appointments to look after our babies, much as we love them.

In fact I had precious little time for taking care of my own health FULL STOP.

The time I did stay in in hospital for treatment for a life- threatening kidney condition, nearly killed me anyway. For a while I couldn’t even look at the hospital until they saved my son’s life and I had finally started to heal from the trauma.

My daughter got upset with me for thinking of 2000 as the year they dug up the Blue Peter box rather than another wonderful family event.

Source: Bonnie Tyler https://youtube.com/c/BonnieTylerOfficial

I Am Woman – Helen Reddy

I am woman. Hear Me Roar!

Roar -Katy Perry

Source: Katy Perry

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NVNCBL https://youtube.com/user/VINCENTDICRESCE

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