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I love watching people’s little brains work.

Boy are labels popular these days.

Don’t Put Labels On People

Source: New Hope Church

I have some difficulties myself, which I was born with. I confess that I have found things frustrating at times but these days I understand that without my difficulties, I probably would not have my strengths. It scares me to think that I too might have been unkind lacking in empathy as many of the people in this world. (There can be no greater disability. I do know that one of my biggest regrets was the time I let myself be Caught In The Crowd by Kate Miller Heidke but then I was barely five years old. Some people spend a lifetime never learning that lesson. Yet I never let the bullying I have received over the years turn me into somebody who might behave the same way. I hope I used my own experiences to make me a better person. I grew out of that type of behaviour at five years old.

I use 2 labels:

1: Not an A’hole

2:A’hole- People whose inner beast is allowed to run the show.

I’ll let you guess in which category many

politicians and celebrities sit.

You Can Take Me Anyway You Want Me -Bread

Source: Bread Topic

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