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I believe I may have my GG Grandmother’s bible or at least something she may have kept in her bible. I have a bible  which has a card with a  little French passage inside it.

I cherish my French heritage. I know my GG Grandmother used to knit gloves from 1911 census.  She was living with her daughter and her husband in The New Forest. She brought me back to genealogy.  I had googled  her name and found my father’s enquiries about her. I will always be grateful  to my ex husband for allowing  me to pay for research into my French ancestry.  I believe I still express my gratitude on my Ancestry tree. The research was fascinating.

I have stuff written by my French ancestors back to the 1600s. My French GGG Grandfather was a chef to The Earl of Malmesbury, so I laugh at all the recipe recommendations I keep getting on You Tube. I am also a good cook when I choose to be. I used to grow all my own herbs and vegetables.  I adore herbs. I have grown herbs since I was a little girl in The UK. Dad had given me a patch of garden. I only ever grew herbs back then. I have loads of photos  of vegetables the children and I have grown. Something must have stuck as my son was a member of the permaculture club at university.

The Air That I Breathe – The Hollies I saw them once at a concert.

I found it a bit bizarre to uncover three generations of hairdressers in my early French ancestry. How Bizarre – OMC

They would likely have been doing their business in Paris during the French Revolution. A fellow historian suggested to me that perhaps a few of their likely wealthy customers, may have lost their heads during The French Revolution.

My GGGG Grandmother was  likely of Huguenot descent, as her forebears appear to have been protestant. This led me to investigate  The St. Bartholomew’s Day Massacre.

The programme states that as many as one in six Britons are of Huguenot descent, so refugees are nothing new to the UK.  This programme  also explains how much the Huguenots, like many other refugees contributed to British society.

My likely protestant GGGG Grandmother married a Catholic. That branch of the family appears then to have become Catholic, so love had succeeded where violence had failed. Not that I condone marriage as a way to get people to change religion. It is just an interesting observation…

Source:BBC London

My french may be rusty now but I was surprised how much of it came back when we visited France a few years ago. My ex husband had kindly bought me a bottle of wine. We had a good giggle over the fact when  it turned out to have sans alcool ” on the label. I do not think that was deliberate.

French people like it if you at least make an effort to speak French. I spoke French the whole time we were there. My dream prior to Brexit was to spend a year in France one day.

One of my happiest memories was staying in a friend’s chateau one year. She is an artist and so were her friends. She is the same flatmate who had given me a wonderful birthday. I still have the poster she bought me to this day My ex husband had found a way to cover it up, by putting one of the children’s pictures on top of it, in the frame she had bought me. When he moved out, I had it laminated and put up on the bedroom wall. I really miss my creative friends. One of them painted a wonderful card with a picture of my ideal man(naked) on it. I am not sure where it is now. I am quite upset. I kept it for years…

I will update this post one day with the French bible verse from my GG Grandmother’s little card.

Vanessa Paradis- Joe Le Taxi

I knew of Vanessa Paradis way before I had ever heard of her former partner.

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