San Francisco (August 1989)

San Francisco holds very happy memories for me. I made a record in San Francisco. It disappeared shortly after my arrival in Australia, along with the rest of my tapes. I was singing a pretty awful.rendition of Time After Time- Cindy Lauper

I had also wandered round Alcatraz listening to a commentary. I walked from the hostel all the way to The Bay, where I had sat listening to Sitting on The Dock of The Bay -Otis Redding I was excited to.see a lemon tree for what was probably. the first time. I had met for the first time my American friend, who later came to my rescue here in Melbourne. I always think of him when I am in St Kilda. The one who had told me I would be within my rights to go home back to England. He had taken

 me to an animated film festival in San Francisco, where I had seen very early Simpson’s and Pixar animations. Sadly we fell out over smoking. I became very anti- smoking when I was pregnant with my son.

California Dreamin’

I met a lovely woman in the hostel, who I know comes from here. I still have the photo of us taken outside the hostel in San Francisco.If You’re Going To San FranciscoMy American friend had also driven us along Big Sur.I have a photo of me feeding. My American psea lions in I think Monterrey.

Everyone I Meet Is From California- America

Lemon Tree – Peter Paul & Mary. My first lemon tree was at my friend’s house in San Francisco. I came across a picture of it recently. Our Australian lemon tree had become infested with some kind of wasp. It had little bulges everywhere. I had to cut it right back. It was one of the saddest moments in our whole divorce. It had seemed somehow symbolic. I cried over my lemon tree more than just about anything else.

I felt sad for my ex over his shed, so I had tidied it up and had tried to replace all his tools all in the right spot. I had grown to love the shed. I dealt with the rodents too.

If You Inherited A Lemon Tree Like Mine…

Take A Potato Peeler To Your Tree and Say Goodbye To Gall Wasps

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The children planted acorns from The Dandenongs. I was terrified about their roots. I got the trees looked at by a horticulturist. He had assured me that the roots would be contained as long as I kept the trees pruned, so I did. I had some brilliant tree loppers I bought from Aldi, which I had used until they had been nabbed and locked in the shed by the new owners.

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