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San Francisco (August 1989)

San Francisco holds very happy memories for me. I made a record in San Francisco. It disappeared shortly after my arrival in Australia, along with the rest of my tapes. I was singing a pretty awful.rendition of Time After Time- Cindy Lauper

Much great music emanates from San Francisco.

Emanate – Mind-Matter This is the kind of music my housemates often used to make.

Make Your Own Kind of Music – Mama Cass

I had also wandered round Alcatraz listening to a commentary. I walked from the hostel all the way to The Bay, where I had sat listening to Sitting on The Dock of The Bay -Otis Redding I was excited to.see a lemon tree for what was probably. the first time. I had met for the first time my American friend, who later came to my rescue here in Melbourne. I always think of him when I am in St Kilda. The one who had told me I would be within my rights to go home back to England. He had taken


 me to an animated film festival in San Francisco, where I had seen very early Simpson’s and Pixar animations. Sadly we fell out over smoking. I became very anti- smoking when I was pregnant with my son.

The animated film festival was in the Castro district of San Francisco, I was one of only three women in the cinema and the other two were clearly gay.

Tom Robinson Band Glastonbury 2022 – Glad To Be Gay

California Dreamin’

The Gold Rush

Oh My Darling Clementine

There are gold miners on both sides of v our children’s family tree. I don”t believe any of them made any real money. My ex’s family had wound up caught up in the brutal murder of two men while on the Australian Goldfields.

All That Glitters Is Not Gold

Gold-Larry L

I tried to get freelance work with a band in California. I dated a California Republican too,

I am a seriously huge fan of The Dooby Btothers I played them continuously on my walk man as I travelled round on my first solo trip to America…

..while recovering from my first broken heart. 💔

See: https://familytreeourstory.com/2023/06/22/dahab-egypt-5/

I met a lovely woman in the hostel, who I know comes from here. I still have the photo of us taken outside the hostel in San Francisco.If You’re Going To San Francisco. My American friend had also driven us along Big Sur.I have a photo of me feeding American sea lions in I think Monterrey.

I did a fantastic audio tour of Alcatraz!

I did a great audio tour of Alcatraz. GIF FROM TENOR

To this day my trip to San Francisco is one of my happiest memories! THIS MADE ME CHUCKLE. 😆

Homemade Cheese, Mushroom and Broccoli Pizza


Everyone I Meet Is From California- America

Lemon Tree – Peter Paul & Mary. My first lemon tree was at my friend’s house in San Francisco. I came across a picture of it recently. Our Australian lemon tree had become infested with some kind of wasp. It had little bulges everywhere. I had to cut it right back. It was one of the saddest moments in our whole divorce. It had seemed somehow symbolic. I cried over my lemon tree more than just about anything else.


I miss my lemon tree. Gall wasp was all over it!

I felt sad for my ex over his shed, so I had tidied it up and had tried to replace all his tools all in the right spot. I had grown to love the shed. I dealt with the rodents too 🐀. It was my final act of love for my ex. Once it became clear he was not coming back, I returned his tools which I had carefully hung back up, He is continually projecting his actions onto me!

My ex’s family were the last people officially in (burglary,)my garden, I am quite sure being the conscientious and experienced people they are, they would have noticed any Ratsak and told my son all about it just like they told him they had been yelled at by the junk collector!

If Ratsak was anywhere other than the shed, it leaves me concerned about what was done in my garden when it was raided. The guy who took my stuff away was also a bully and let’s not forget Mr Concrete, I am very safety conscious and I hated to have anything toxic in the garden, Still I am sure it would all be on video!


You absolute filth!!

His staff were lovely!

I was meticulous about returning his stuff. It would be nice to see the favour returned. My tapes and my dress.

If You Inherited A Lemon Tree Like Mine…

Take A Potato Peeler To Your Tree and Say Goodbye To Gall Wasps

Sources to follow:

The children planted acorns from The Dandenongs. I was terrified about their roots. I got the trees looked at by a horticulturist. He had assured me that the roots would be contained as long as I kept the trees pruned, so I did. I had some brilliant tree loppers I bought from Aldi, which I had used until they had been nabbed and locked in the shed by the new owners.

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