We deserved better from everybody. First and foremost we deserved better from the toxic person’s friends and family. The people who at best had sat back and allowed the abusive behaviour or at worst had actively encouraged it.

“And you shall know the truth and the truth will set you free.”

John 8:32

I have seen negative behaviour by family-people very dear to me. I have acted. Ultimately it may have cost me my relationships with those people but I would not be doing right by them either, had I simply let it go.

Having principles costs. I know that. I have watched Liz Cheney and to a lesser extent Adam Kinzinger pay the price for having principles. They both stand for something. We had a similar situation here in Australia where two traditionally right-leaning politicians put their own interests aside to do right by their country. They have quietly disappeared from the public eye. Ì think this is a terrible shame. We need more of the Liz Cheney’s, Adam Kinzingers, Rob Oakshotts and Tony Windsors. People who live by principles, even if we don’t always agree with them. I hope I would choose a principled politician with whose policies I sometimes disagreed, over an unprincipled one who appeared to have similar views to my own.

Not all politicians get their Money For Nothing -Dire Straits I do not particularly like the word faggot but I think this song actually mocks people who talk like that.

It is about trust. We need leaders we can trust to do the right thing, even when it goes against their own interests politically. We also need to be able to see beyond our own instant gratification.

Under Margaret Thatcher unemployment was terrible for quite some time.

I Am A One In Ten((1981) was about the high rate of unemployment at the time,

The following song about a man dealing with unemployment, came out in 1986,

Don’t Give Up – Kate Bush & Peter Gavriel

The North had been hit particularly badly

What Have You Done For Me Lately?

Source: Janet Jackson https://youtube.com/c/JanetJackson

My son loves Yes Minister.

The Five Standard Excuses

Source: Hosti Humani Generishttps://youtube.com/channel/UCJLOF-ZJmLAvSIGwCQPw2pQ

I believe Margaret Thatcher also found it hilarious. It shows the manoeuvring that goes on in politics. It is probably much the same the world over.

We need a new kind of politics for the 21st century. Politicians who will stand up for what is right, whether it is in their own interests or not.

” What is good for my country is good for my party. Should my party abandon this principle the American people will abandon us.”

John McCain

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