My Daughter Wrote This About Delores Umbridge, for my Blog

Umbridge in the Harry Potter series represents in some manner the concept of the “banality of evil”, coined by Hannah Arrendt.

How Do Totalitarian States Arise – Hannah Arrendt,((((

Agatha All Along

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Umbridge is that bureaucratic evil, that enacts the will of the Minister of Magic with a certain vicious pleasure to her own gratification but with no personal loyalty to any one person or cause. Her evil is not characterised by acts of violent fantastical murder, but by sadistic acts of bureaucracy and condescension.

Umbridge’s evil is pervasive in the everyday experience and therefore captures the hatred of the audience in a manner beyond that of that fantastical. How many have had a teacher that delights in the power to torment their students? A manager that uses every ounce of power to ruin the lives of their workers?

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They may not be creating Horcruxes. But its evil all the same. And one that causes damage in our everyday lives.

My daughter (Who is an

Independent Woman – Destiny’s Child )

was able to express so eloquently for me a point I feel I have been trying to make for years. In many ways the fact that Umbridge appears so  conventional, probably makes her even more of a threat than Voldemort. .

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