Ruth Bader Ginsberg

I read this post today. I was struck by her moving description of her mother dying of pancreatic cancer. It reminded me of watching my friend and neighbour of twenty years, as she was dying of cancer.

I would walk down and visit her most days in the hospice at the end. I was there the day before she died but I had made a conscious decision not to go and visit her on that final day. I had been profoundly upset, watching her struggle to eat cake, so as not to upset a visiter. It had made me want to explode.

Towards the end, when she was still at home, she had struggled round to see me and had stood in the sun, as she could not make it up the steps. I had walked straight next-door with her as I could not bear to see her struggle.

I love the Kesha song.

“It is Time For Change.”

Ruth Bader Ginsberg

The Chicks For Her


Source: Breaking Bill

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