My First Night At College

He went out with a teacher friend for years. Poor guy got locked in his room on his first night at college. We had all been roused in the middle of the night and were trying to work out ways to get him out. From memory he was stuck in there till the following morning. He later confessed to having had to pee in his sink. Locked in by the same guy who had loved to try to upset me by knocking on my door and claiming he wanted my body, in the middle of the night. When he had moved been booted out my lifelong friend had moved in.

Living Next Door To Alice

I really wish I had kept the box on which he wrote his address or that I had at least photographed it.

Thank you for all the requests.

Radio Victory

I Am A Rock-:Simon & Garfunkel


I had been introduced to U2 in those early college days. We played Sunday Bloody Sunday all the time. U2 have never seemed to date, we listened to their first album; Live Under A Blood Red Sky,

Bloody Sunday: 50 years since dark day that shocked the world | ITV News

My principle entertainment was watching the comings and goings from the room next door and getting used to the constant smell of marijuana from that room. He once told us his mother was watering his plants for him at home, with no idea what they were.


To this day I have told my youngsters that I refuse to plant sit!

Watch “Afroman   ‘Because I Got High’ Positive Remix” on YouTube

I am not keen on the smell of weed.

This song had happened to be playing. I remember him singing along to it. That song still has the power to make me cry 😢 to this day. I later found out the circumstances which had led to his sudden departure and I had felt very sad 😔 for him.I am sure it was a fantastic thing for him in the long run but in that initial period he must have been really struggling. I had missed him plonking his backside on my desk for a chat. I have told my son never just to entrust a woman with the responsibility for contraception. My ex claimed a woman attempted to trap him that way too but I know nothing about the situation, except that he is usually a bare-faced liar. However men need to be very careful about not simply entrusting their partners with contraception. I know of at least one woman who had appeared to believe she could keep a man trapped with continual pregnancies. She was also the most “sane” one surrounded by the wreckage of the lives of her siblings.

There was another teacher on our floor but she was cool so we hadn’t really mixed.

I will never forget his pink leather jacket.


While my ex was visiting Australia and I was alone for a while, to my surprise a guy who was also in our block that first year at college had suddenly appeared He had come up to me as I was walking to school. I was shocked to discover he was working near to our flat. We had passed the building every day. It had been really nice to see him. I remember dancing with him very well. We had only ever spoken that once. I would have suggested he come and have a meal with us. I would not have invited him with my then husband away.

I admired the old-fashioned principles of our long time Australian neighbour. He would not visit without his wife. He had an amazing family history, connecting him to leading Australian figures.I had tried to encourage the family to reach out. His mother had kept quite a few newspaper cuttings etc. She was a lovely lady. I think we all grew fond of her on our street. She had obviously raised her son well and had taught him to behave like a gentleman. He had been prepared to carry his dying wife up and down stairs.

Unfortunately I had lived opposite this joker at the time, who had thought it was great fun to knock on my door in the middle of the night and tell me he wanted my body. This wise guy locked my newly found friend in his room overnight. (I once had a five minute phone conversation with an obscene phone caller. After what had happened at college, I think I just found it funny.) He had been booted out of the hall of residence eventually. After he had left we had some really angry guys come round looking for him, saying he had sold them washing powder, claiming it was drugs. Our response was you would have thought they would have noticed the little blue flecks. 😆

They were both good neighbours.

It’s Good News Week – Hedgehoppers


College years are the years you sow all your wild oats and become a vampire. By forty you’ve lived it up. At least you hope.” Octavia Spencer


Learning To Deal With The Problems of Being A Woman

On a side note I am the only person I know who once saw a flasher and had gone back for a second look as I couldn’t quite believe what I had seen. I have been flashed at twice. Both times the guy had stood naked behind bushes rather than jumped out naked in front of me.

I think being accosted by flashers is almost a rite of passage for women! (Gif is from Tenor.)

I was also trapped in a closed train compartment with a guy who was displaying his privates. I had just ignored it and had changed carriages at the first opportunity. I have quietly tried to prepare my daughter for the nonsense she is likely to face as a woman. I absolutely loved Lisa Wilkinson’s talk on the issues women face.

The phrase “Men are afraid women will embarrass them. Women are afraid men will KILL them.”had an impact on all of us. See:

This may seem like an exaggeration but when two women a week are dying from domestic violence alone, it seems appropriate.

See also:

Coming In Contact with drugs for the first time

I remember laughing with my parents about what I must have put on on my form to get me sandwiched between two guys involved with drugs.

She’s So High -Tal Bachman I sincerely hope I wasn’t.

Singing A Sad Song

My most regular visitor would perch on my desk and we would chat.I had enjoyed his company. Then one day he had come to tell me he was leaving. I remember the scene like it was yesterday!

Up The Junction- Squeeze

I wish he had told me himself,

I wish I hadn’t needed to hear his news second-hand.

Somehow Elton John’s Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word (It is still the saddest song I have ever heard in my life)

I didn’t love him but I did care about him a great deal. That was it. He was just gone and I had never seen him again. The trainee teacher upstairs had moaned about him coming onto her at one point. I was left with the impression that I had just been one among many.

Having a narcissistic child is a bit like having a cuckoo in the nest. Many of them set out to destroy their siblings.

They keep siblings and partners trapped by being constantly needy. I.e moving continuously from one pregnancy to the next.


I have reason to suspect he might be living nearby by strange coincidence. I wouldn’t know him if I fell over him, I never even knew his surname. I haven’t seen him since 1984.

Adult Education by Daryl Hall & John Oates

Source: The Dubliners

Passenger-Iggy Pop was another tune much loved by a girl on our floor,